Do you paint/ own and easel?

If so, do you stand or sit when you paint?
Sit. I'm a slow, methodical color mixer.

I am so excited to have room to paint now. I didn't have any room at my last few living arrangements.

Oil or acrylic?
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Thanks for the replies. Acrylic. So I've done some little watercolor postcard sized paintings for fun(just flowers) and I mentioned to my bf that I want to take drawing and painting lessons and he goes and builds me an easel but its for standing, he said that most people stand..I think I'd prefer to sit..but I know I can do both. I wish he wouldve given me some time ..he already got the canvas and paint and I'll be just blindly painting..hehe
for smaller things, I would sit (like your watercolor postcards. And watercolors in general, really, are better sitting for me).

The larger canvas paintings though are much easier for me when standing. Your movement is much more free and loose, and it's easier to stand back and really see what you're doing.
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It depends on what I'm working on. If I'm working on little details, not only am I sitting but I prop the canvas up in my lap. Generally I like to stand though. But I don't have a great work space for my pallate and everything.

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