Any actuaries on the board?

Hi all -

I have a master's degree in Statistics, and am currently looking for jobs and job opportunities. I've been considering taking a few of the actuarial exams to boost my chances on the job market, but I'm wondering if anyone can give me a "real life" perspective on what the job entails, how the job outlook is, etc.

I'm not, but there was a thread on the hair board about what people do for a living, and I remember at least one person who said she is. I'll see if I can find said thread.
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I think it was PC who posted about this at one time...
I'm a "failed actuary". I got my undergrad in applied math, interned in actuarial for 2 summers and then realized I can never be an actuary.

If I had to do it all over again, I would have sat for exams as early as possible. Spewing out math problems for 3-4 hours is not my idea of fun. Most of the fellowship track programs required that you at least have 2 tests under your belt before being considered for the Actuary program. You definitely have to have that mental discipline to be able to study for exams while working.

While I did enjoy the internship work (granted, this was back in the day of mainframe computers and unix based programming) it was definitely a very quiet enviornment.

Good luck!
EponaBlackhorse was the poster who said she was an actuary.
I have a math background and I was considering a career change from teaching, so I looked into it. I contacted some actuarial recruiters and inquired about job prospects in my area. The general response seemed to be that I would need to pass the first 1-2 exams, then job prospects would be good. That was about a year ago; not sure if that would have changed.

I'm sure you've probably done some research into the field, but has lots of general information and links.
I'm not but I just wanted to wish you good luck!

My DH's good buddy is an actuary (he's now a partner at Deloitte in London UK). It sounds like excruciatingly boring work but it certainly pays well based on this guy's jetsetting playboy lifestyle.

For some reason I want to think that maria_i is an actuary. I don't know for sure though.
I think it was PC who posted about this at one time...
Originally Posted by WilePECoyote - The Nudist Poster
I did attempt to become an actuary, but it didn't pan out. Good memory!
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I am not an actuary however my current job has some actuarial analysis involved. I am a group financial underwriter, basically we price the group insurance we provide to businesses and base our pricing models on past experience, trending, and risk assessment.

I thought about getting my ASA but I may go for an MBA instead. I hope to work for Mercer or Towers Perrin.
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