Best and Worst - me first!

I play this game with my kids at the dinner table: Name the best and worst things that happened to you today; I'll go first.

I went back to the gym for the first time in almost a month!! (that was the BEST!)

My 7 year old son took a chunk of skin out of his fingertip tonight on the hinge of a folding chair

Your turn.
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Best - Had lunch with my daughter who is home from college for spring break!

Worst - Had most of my right big toenail removed since it turned black after walking a marathon.
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Best: My daughter and I had a lovely time cooking dinner together today.

Worst: The baby I watch learned to crawl and is getting into everything in my non-babyproofed house.
Best-My work day just flew by. I love DST.

Worse- (Tie) My Cell phone seems to be shorting out. And, my brown rice came out a mushy mess.
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Best: Xander and I made cookies for dessert.

Worst: Feeling pukey for about half the day.

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Best: I got to stay home from work and slept until 3pm

Worse: I woke up at 3am with a horrible headache.

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Best: I got to hang out with my friends. Definite plus!

Worst: I watched the person I've liked for 3 months hang all over another girl. Needless to say, my heart plummeted all the way down to my stomach when I saw them together.
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Best: Wild~Hair's link to peep dioramas.

Worst: The stomachache I have right now. I curse you, goat cheese!
Best: The guy at the Philosophy counter exchanged the Makeup Optional kit I've used for about 2 weeks for a brand new one, rather than just switching out the moisturizers. He also threw in three huge samples of stuff I love.

Worst: It finally hit me today that I have 2.5 months until I'm unemployed and I still have no idea what I want to do.
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Best--My daughter actually took a nap without throwing a fit!

Worst--I have cramps but my period still hasn't started yet. Just hurry up already, dang it!
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Best--My daughter actually took a nap without throwing a fit!

Worst--I have cramps but my period still hasn't started yet. Just hurry up already, dang it!
Originally Posted by nynaeve77
This always drives me nuts when it happens!
best - i woke up this morning...
worst - time change has me exhausted.....
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Best- I was super productive today and I was the only person in my math class to get an A on our first exam. I'm so bad at math, I was shocked!

Worst- I have a physics exam on Wednesday and a physics lab exam on Thursday that have me stressing. But really, nothing all that bad happened today.
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Best - I worked out this morning for 30 minutes when the stars aligned and DS was at preschool and DD was asleep.

Worst - DH drove my car back to work tonight before I had a chance to get the groceries out of the trunk! I have no idea when he's coming home.

Best - my practise session for court tomorrow went AMAZINGLY!

Worst - didn't get the first research job I applied for.
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Best: I spent the day with friends. Lunch and shopping for a bridal shower gift with an old friend. Dinner with my family, the guy who's staying with us, and his girlfriend. And, dinner was mostly paid for by gift cards given to thank us because I called the neighbor one night to alert him to a busted pipe in his rental house.

Worst: discovering, while out with my friend, that one of my cats had peed on the leather blazer my daughter and parents gave me for my 40th birthday. I wear that thing probably 5 out of 7 days a week.
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Best~ I booked a hotel room back home for this weekend. A nice little getaway for my boyfriend and I.

Worst~ I just saw a bad movie, Still Waiting. Its BAD BAD BAD!!
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Worst- My son woke up with a fever and sore throat, missed his playdate, and had to go to the doctor. My husband ran out of gas on the way to work and I got a huge headache from the 10 minutes it took to bring him the gas can.

Best- The baby barely made a peep during all that. And later I'm going to drink a beer and watch tv after everyone is asleep.
Worst--I have cramps but my period still hasn't started yet. Just hurry up already, dang it!
Originally Posted by nynaeve77

Whenever that happened to me, it turned out I was pregnant. Just sayin...

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