Yogurt and Kefir makers

Those of you who make yogurt and/or kefir at home, what kind of culture starters do you use? Live? Freeze dried? Reclaimed from previous batches? Tell me your procedures and how many batches you get out of of reclaimed cultures. Thanks!
I got a Greek yogurt start Wells of Health Esty store that is supposed to last forever. It was about $14.95 or something like that for about 2 T. You did something to start it and then are supposed to make it once a week to keep it healthy. It's fabulous. I have recultured at least 20 times and it's the same as it was when new. In the past, I've bought cultures that you can use four or five times--and then needed to start a new.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

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