I Won! Tripp's Daddy Broke Up w/Momma

Are we so caught up with not liking Palin, that we are happy about this situation?
Originally Posted by Lotsawaves
I wouldn't say happy, no. More like "I told you so." This is what happens when someone like Palin forces her "abstinence only" platform on teenagers, rather than teach them about real sex education. Abstince only on teenagers who are discovering all sorts of new things and whose hormones are going crazy is like trying to teach abstinence only to bunnies in a carrot patch.

If there's one thing to actually be happy about, it's that at least two unprepared teenagers aren't going to be forced into a shotgun marriage on top of everything else they have to cope with from being very young parents. The baby's here, and Bristol will have enough to deal with being a teenage mother. The last thing either of them needs is to try and force a "happy" marriage they're not ready for.
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And I wasn't nearly as overjoyed as you seem to be; I feel bad that a girl not much older than me has to raise a baby without a father.
Originally Posted by CurlyEyes
Who says she has to raise a baby without a father? Do you have to married for a baby to have a father? I think not. They can co-parent. Levi is a father/daddy. He can take care of a baby just as well as Bristol can. Not sure if he will actually do it or if he can, but he's capable of doing it if he wants to do it (or if they make him do it).

But lets face it. Bristol got herself an a-hole for a baby daddy. Momma should have taught her how to choose a man that going to be her baby's potential father. But since momma Palin never thought B was gonna have sex, let alone get preg, she figured she probably didn't have to warn her against certain types of men... I mean boys. And again, another failure of abstinance only education.
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It's really not news is it? A baby daddy and a baby mama broke up.
Originally Posted by Myradella3
pretty much my reaction...if it was sarah palin's daughter, no one would care...why should we care now?

And I wasn't nearly as overjoyed as you seem to be; I feel bad that a girl not much older than me has to raise a baby without a father.
Originally Posted by CurlyEyes
If she was a regular single, teen mom, I'd feel sorry for her and the baby. I just don't ever see Bristol struggling or having to worry how she'll pay for little Tripp's next meal. As long as pit bull grandma Palin is involved that kid won't need a thing.
Originally Posted by YolyC
My pit bull has a better sense of direction than grandma Palin.
I'm actually about a year older than Bristol, and my first reaction to this news was not sadness that she would have to raise a baby without a father - it actually wasn't even "well duh," though that was a contender. I'm glad for her that she didn't have to marry that fool for reasons that were not hers.

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