4 Feminists - Not His Name, Not his 'Mrs. Mister'

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i have my husband's last name. i did it out of tradition. it wasn't and isn't a big deal to me.

i'll always be a member of my blood family. a different last name would never change that. when i show up at family reunions, i'm not acknowledged by my married name, but my blood family name. that is how i'll always be identified by my family and extended family, regardless of my married name.

i think that my first and middle names, the names that my mother gave me, are actually more special, because she put thought into those names. my family name was a given. two of my nieces and my daughter are my namesakes.
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I kept my last name originally. Then, after my son was born we had issues with the hospital since the baby always gets the mom's last name. They would not change his hospital records for about a month, until I had physical proof of his name, and it was a hassel for DH to come and see him..
Originally Posted by deezee02
Really?! That's kind of silly of them. Isaiah had my last name on his crib, but that was about it.

When my friend saw my name on the crib she was outraged. This is the same one who was mad that I didn't change my own name. madness.

I thought so also...But it is more a legal issue for them. Mom says Mr. X is the baby's father...so the baby has that name in the hospital and on all records, mom can use that in court against Mr. X if he tries to fight paternity.
I never did and never will take someone else's name just because I'm 'supposed' to. I like my birth name and don't see any reason to call myself something else just because I'm married.
There were (and maybe still are) some places where it's required by law to change ones name. They would have to put me in jail.

But people should go with whatever name they want.
If I want to call myself D*&13@} then I will.
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But people should go with whatever name they want.
If I want to call myself D*&13@} then I will.
Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
Hey, why not. I mean, Prince got to call himself a symbol, right?
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Let me just say, I'm an unmarried teenager, so I've never been faced with this situation, and probably won't be faced with it for awhile. BUT, casting feminism/politics aside, I think that if I was going to marry him, parading around town as, "Mrs. Someone" would be something to be giddy and "squealy" about. But then, I've only seen (in my parents marriage) a very give and take relationship, to where your legal surname is just a bunch of letters, and what matters is the person...
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