who is this artist!

Okay i'm going crazy. I saw a video clip on MTV or Channel V last night , i cant remember the song , but the title is "Catch up" if i'm not wrong. It's a female artist and she wears a red dress and red lipstick all the while . At the beg. of the song , her hair is up but towards the end she has let it loose. She looks like Nelly furtado..
Her name has 3 words.. "Something something something".

i cant locate her anywhere , including youtube!!
I was known as O d d i s e y ~
Don't know sorry. but at least i bumped this up for you.
have you tried mtv.com?

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I did.. but i cant locate it. Bummer!!
I was known as O d d i s e y ~
Hi there, Odissey!

I think you're looking for "Catch You" by Sophie Ellis Bextor.

Video Link: Catch You

(Hopefully I posted that link right. I made this account over a year ago, but this is my first post. )

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