The Sweetest Sound

It's a tie between my daughter's belly laughing and her breathing in the middle of night while laying on my chest. Last night she was very fussy, so I put in on my chest so that we all could get some sleep. Within minutes she was asleep and I looked down at her with her lips puckered open and could hear her little breaths. I almost melted right then.

Gemini and Medussa, I can't wait until I can hear "I love you."
My nieces and nephews laughter. They are a growing up but in their laughter I can still hear them as they were when we were little.

My dad's laughter. He's been fighting esophageal cancer and is going in for surgery Monday. I've been savoring that laugh. Everything is going to come out fine and he'll be laughing more and more. Free and clear.

My grampa singing. It instantly takes me back to being a little girl and that feeling of absolute love and safety. He rarely does it anymore so it's a gift when he does.

A full and rocking horn section. It's an instant mood lift!

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