The Sweetest Sound

what is the sweetest sound youve ever heard?

for me its the sound of the door opening when my kids come home cause im so sick of sitting in this house by myself, lmao

but truly its my little one saying "mommy i just love u to peices".
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Bird song at dusk.
I agree. There's nothing like hearing the sound of your kids when they come home from school, and my kids are 12 and 14!

One of the sweetest things ever that I will remember till the day I die is my son when he was a toddler. We would be out at the store or something and he would say, out of the blue, "Mommy, I love you." Oh my lord, my heart would melt. And complete strangers who overheard him were all, awwww. Too precious!
lying in bed at night listening to the rain fall outside.

this would be better with a snuggle-buddy!
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laughter...anybody's but especially my kiddos. My little girl right now has this really deep just giggle...she's so ticklish...I have to stop myself from tickling her too much.
My son playing on his play phone. He says,"Helwo?"
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When my daughter says, "I love you momma." Especially when I didn't say it first.
Hearing "Bye. Ah la loo" as I close my baby's bedroom door at night.

She's saying "I love you."
Lately Ty has been telling me that I'm his favorite girl in the whole world. And from time to time, he will say "I want to seee youuu!". It's his way of saying he wants to play or spend time with me. I love that. Nothing compares.
Definitely my kids laughter, especially when they are laughing at something togther; and moreso if I'm included.

Quiet after everyone goes to bed Friday nite after a long hectic week is pretty nice too tho
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Hearing "Bye. Ah la loo" as I close my baby's bedroom door at night.

She's saying "I love you."
Originally Posted by medussa
OMG, this made me tear up. That is so adorable & she is, too.
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Oh gosh, so many things!

The sound of my boyfriend's even breathing next to me in the middle of the night.

My niece informing me that I'm the best.
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The sweetest sound for me is hearing the crickets chirping at night. Everything just seems so peaceful in the dead of night.
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Houseguests saying "goodbye" as they leave for the airport.
Houseguests saying "goodbye" as they leave for the airport.
Originally Posted by meryn
looove this one...
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The sound of a little baby laughing.

I think it's one of the most amazing things, ever, that the ability to laugh is innate in a baby.

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oh, you said sound...

And wind blowing through trees.

And the sounds of the beach.

Hearing "Bye. Ah la loo" as I close my baby's bedroom door at night.

She's saying "I love you."
Originally Posted by medussa
OMG, this made me tear up. That is so adorable & she is, too.
Originally Posted by Lotsawaves
Almost made me get misty too.

The sweetest sound to me is babies giggling, hands down.

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My son's genuine, pure, up- from- his- belly laugh.
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