It's official and I'm sooo happy!!

I have been accepted into a SLP at the university of my choice!! And I'm moving in with my mom while I attend. It feels a little strange doing that, but she is insisting. It will help me out since I won't have to work as much. I can concentrate on studying, which means I will be able to finish the undergrad part in no time (about a year).

I am planning to take 4 classes the first semester since I won't be working. I don't think I will have any problems getting A's in those classes since I will absolutely love studying these courses. It hs been my dream to be a SLP for a LONG time, so I am so ecited to finally get here and I just know I will do well. The only thing that makes me stomp my foot is this university is 1.5 hours away (one way) from my mom's house. I will be set if I can get all of my classes squeezed in 2 days, but 3 days is the liklihood and that seems like it is pushing it and will take too much time out of my study period. I know I won't be working, but I will be taking a large load. But anyway, I am still very excited!!!
Yay! Congrats. I used to travel that far everyday to get to college- you get used to it.
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Congratulations! That is nice of your mom to help you out that way, it should make things easier for you.

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Now we HAVE to do that spa day! I work alongside many speech language paths at work! I know a bit about the practice. Congratulations!
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Congrats! So is this a leveling program you're attending? I was confused by your statement saying that you will finish the undergrad part in a year. Anyway, I am an SLP/Spanish major and it is such a fascinating (yet challenging) field. I will be graduating with my B.S. next May! Anyway, I'm glad you are finally doing what you've always wanted. I knew I wanted to go into SLP my first semester of college and haven't looked back since!

PS- Not to burst your bubble, but it's actually not as easy to ace all the undergrad classes as you might think. It's possible, but classes like Neuro and Speech Science kick everyone's butt!
Neuro and Speech Science: my only C's in grad school

You'll love the profession. You can do so much with it: NICU, Hospice and everything in between.

If you really want long term employment security, get a doctorate!

Congrats and if you ever need any cyber tutoring, there are a couple of us on the board so feel free to ask.
Congrats! It's good to know that things are better for you now.
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I might could help you w/ the neuro...
love neuro...

Well, I estimated a year for the undergrad part because I am being matriculated in with many science/math credits under my belt, so I will only need to take 8 core classes for SLP. I'm sure there will be extra univeristy classes that I'll end up needing , but it's all good because I plan on going to grad school there as well. I had to work last night and I saw a SLP friend and she said she does not think I should attempt 4 SLP classes per semester for undergrad, that I should do 3 at the most, mainly because it's so important that I get excellent grades since SLP grad programs are very picky with acceptance. I'm a little bummed to hear that, but maybe she is right.

Kindred - uhhh-huuuh. Chicago's best kept secret is the Aveda Institute on Clark!! Students work their magic using all Aveda, for half the price. Ohh, or Cortiva for a massage by a student - heaven!!! Or if you want to do luch, I have a PotBelly's gift card burning a hole in my pocket. I am moving at the end of May, but wel'l get together before then. I wil be back to visit friends all the time during the summer and on weekends, so we'll find time. I am really going to miss Chicago, but I will be able to move back and enjoy it even more once I'm done with SLP and working in a job that I love, with kids. Ahhh, I can't believe my dream is coming true!!
Congrats! It's good to know that things are better for you now.
Originally Posted by Sairis
MUCH better. How about you, have you talked to that butthole lately?
Congrats! I know that's something you've mentioned before as really wanting to do. I'm very happy for you!
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Congrats! It's good to know that things are better for you now.
Originally Posted by Sairis
MUCH better. How about you, have you talked to that butthole lately?
Originally Posted by chicagocurly78
I did and it surprisingly did me some good. It gave me a bit of closure. It still hurts though.
Keep us updated with more good news!
Congrats chicagocurly78! It's awesome that you're pursuing your dream major and got accepted into the university of your choice. Science is awesome btw!
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Congratulations! I recently changed my major to become an SLP. I was thinking of taking four classes next semester as well, but now I am rethinking that . I have a meeting with my advisor tomorrow, so I will see what she says. I'm taking Speech Science now and it's sooo hard... well it just takes a lot of studying, so it's not too bad. I'm also taking intro to Language Acquisition which is pretty cool. I'm scared about grad school though, because I don't think I'll get accepted to the one I want since I just have average grades I hope you do well though
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