My dog is so emotional!

So he's been staying with my mom for the past month and I saw him for the first time yesterday. He ran around the couch when he heard my voice, and as I was sitting down, he jumped on my lap and proceeded to kiss me with at least 20 licks, while crying at the same time. He was sooo happy and excited and the way he kept wimpering, OMG.

And my mom said he may have been able to sense that I was coming home that day. She's had my old bedroom door closed the entire month, but for some reason, he started scratching at my bedroom door a few hours before I made it to her house. She opened my bedroom door and he jumped on my old bed and stayed there until I made it in a few hours later. I thought that was interesting.
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Aw! This is why I love dogs.
Aw! My dog gets emotional when my brother comes home from school every couple months (he's about five hours away). We've had them "talk on the phone" - putting the phone up to her ear - and she'll recognize his voice and get sad (and confused, which is kind of funny). I come home every weekend and she'll jump on me for two hours. I love dogs.
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So cute! I miss my guy. So you'll both be there while you're in college then?

My ILs dogs go nuts when they mention our names to them, like when we're coming to visit. My FIL goes thru each of our names and they get more excited each time. They always know when we're coming. The last 2 times we visited (after Samson was gone) they kept looking around and then would come look at me to ask where he was. I had a talk with them and they seem to understand now. They're not as excited when we're coming now.

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Hee!! My little dog always cries when I get home from being gone for a few days too! It's so cute.
Aww! That is too adorable. That totally sums up the "man's best friend" description. I love dogs.
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