Does anyone here use Windows Movie Maker?

If you do, do you know how to mute the videos? I know how to mute the music or audio in the music files, but I want to do just the opposite. I want to mute out what everyone is saying in the video and keep the song/music audio thing on without muting. For some reason though, it's really easy to mute the audio itself but I can't figure out how to mute the video??
I'm not sure if I'm interpreting your question correctly, but I THINK I have an answer.

First, make sure you're in "Timeline" view, not "Storyboard" view. Then click the plus sign next to "Video" so that "Transition" and "Audio" will appear. In the audio section/line, there will be white boxes with blue lines that represent the volume of the video clips directly above them. Right-click the white box that is underneath the video clip that you want to mute, and then click "mute", or "volume" to make it louder/softer.

I hope that helps! Lemme know if I misunderstood the question...

make sure you're changing the section titled "Audio", not "Audio/Music."

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