How do you clean with vinegar?

I loath cleaners. I can't stand their smell so I am looking for alternatives.
How do you clean with vinegar? Do you just spray it in the bathroom and rinse with water or do you scrub too?
What else do you use vinegar for?
Baking soda works really well for cleaning the shower and sink. Just wet the surface, sprinkle the soda, scrub, and rinse.
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--undiluted in the "rinse aid" cup in the dishwasher along with the detergent

--half vinegar/half water in a spray bottle to use in place of regular cleaners

--sprinkled baking soda, followed by equal amount of vinegar, onto orange-soda stain on counter.....let sit for a couple minutes, then scrubbed clean

--let sit undiluted in cruddy juice cups and glass bowls/pots/pans with stubborn food residue

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Sprinkle baking soda, follow with vinegar, scrub and rinse. With the bathtub, I always rinse after I scrub. After the rinse, I then sprinkle some more BS with vinegar into the shower and let it stand. it will rinse down after I take a shower.

Vinegar works beautifully on mirrors and windows, just wipe with newspaper.

Vinegar in the jet-dry compartment in the dishwasher.

vinegar mixed with a few drops of patchouli oil (or any essential oil) makes cleaning even more pleasurable.
Vinegar, baking soda and peroxide work great as carpet stain cleaners.

It works so much better than any products from the store, that we've tried - especially on pet stains.

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I have a teeny spray bottle, and I spritz the vinegar on my mirrors and wipe off with wadded up newspaper. Crystal clear. I wouldn't use it for mildew though.

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i make an all-purpose cleaner with water and vinegar (maybe a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio) and a few drops of dr. bronners. i use it just like i used to use fantastic, 409, etc. i spray it on the kitchen counters, bathroom counters, toilet, shower, etc. and wipe it off. i use straight vinegar and baking soda in the toilet bowl. it wont really work for getting a mildewed shower clean, but it will keep a clean shower clean.

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