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I was trying to find a good "position" book for my friend's upcoming bach. party. It's hard to find a good one without actually going to the store. It doesn't tell you if they have pictures, etc. Any suggestions?
I have found most position books contain things that can only be done by a yoga master. More funny and OMG how/why then helpful.

I'd go for a tip book or video personally. I found a video years ago that had a lot of tricks that I had never thought of before that were very much enjoyed. I can't remember the name of it, only that it was done by one of Heidi Fleiss's (sp?). . .employees.

Or there are games you can buy that would be a fun gift as well.

There are adult stores geared towards women, Tasty's and Priscilla's are two we have here. I would suggest looking in one of those.
What about that website that RCC linked to in the doggy style thread? That was very, um, informative! Maybe they have some book suggestions there as well?
Just look on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. They will tell you how long the books are, whether it's illustrated, etc.
With amazon, you can sometimes search inside the book as well, though I don't know if this type of book would allow you to do that.
Here's one with pretty good reviews. And you can search inside the book, too:

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With amazon, you can sometimes search inside the book as well, though I don't know if this type of book would allow you to do that.
Originally Posted by Sairis
They allow you to, even if there's nudity and physical contact. (I only checked because your comment made my curious )

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I saw pictures when I clicked on the "surprise me" option.

ETA: The book I linked to above has drawings.

This one has photographs that can be viewed when you search inside and click on the "surprise me" option:

So it looks like it doesn't matter that the books deal with adult content when it comes to the search inside feature.

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Tasteful, and their reviews are detailed and spot-on.
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