Pregnant. Not married. NOT ME!!!

My older sister got pregnant when she was 21 and had a boyfriend. I think our mom encouraged them to get married, and they did when the baby was a couple months old. The marriage didn't work out though, and they got divorced after about 2 years. I think they just got married because of the baby, and it wasn't really right for them.

My mom couldn't really be too judgmental, because she was three months pregnant when she and my dad got married. They'll have their 40th anniversary this year, so it worked out for them.
My step-sister was 21 or 22 when she got pregnant. I don't think anyone was too surprised- the guy has a string of baby mamas . She spoke about marrying the guy, but my Mom and step-Dad talked her out of it. They're still together (my niece is 16 months old), but frankly most of us are praying for the girl to come to her senses and kick the scumbag out the door.
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It was a huge deal when my cousin knocked up his gf. They were already living together and planned on getting married(I think he had bought the ring already and was about to propose). My aunt threw a wedding quickly after finding out(maybe a month?). My mom, aunts and uncles went to the wedding but didn't bring the kids because they didn't want us to think it was 'okay' and that they approved the overall situation. My oldest cousin(then a grown adult) went and said it was small and very fun. I think it was wrong of them to kind of 'ban' us. It wasn't really advertised and it was such quick notice it wouldve been hard for most of us to make it anyways but still..
got pregnant in sept, '07
the hubs asked me to marry him in oct. '07
found out I was pregnant 4 days after he asked me (I did't suspect anything)
got married in March '08 and will celebrate our 1st anniversary this Thursday

His family took the news okay and mine didn't, but they knew we were planning on getting married. We were going to get married anytime before the baby was born, but we got married when we did because he was going into the military.
I was with my bf(now husband) for 3 years when I got pregnant. We had already planned to get marred before we found out about the pregnancy, but both our families freaked out and insisted NONSTOP that we needed to get married right away and they wouldn't stop asking us about it. My mother went appsh*t and accused me of doing it to get back at her for everything that's happened in my life. I'm a very stubborn person and will hold my ground if I feel I need to. Well this was one of those times so I refused to do anything until I felt like it (which meant for them to shut it) so anyhow.....when our son was a 1 1/2 (lol..stubborn) I asked him to marry me It's 13 years now and still going strong
im one of those God awful folks who got pregnant w/out being married. and to make it even "worse," it was a semi-planned pregnancy (he planned it, i didnt do anything to prevent it). we started dating in aug. '06, i moved in with him in sept. '06, and 9 months later almost to the day our daughter was born.

both of our families were freaked out/disappointed for various valid reasons, the least of their many concerns were that we were unmarried. but since we were both adults, i was 24 and he was 34, there really wasnt much crying they could do about it. his dad did offer to pay for all the medical expenses if we would just hurry up and get married before the child was born. and everytime i talk to his dad on the phone he asks when we're going to get married. we didnt want to get married because we were having a child, we want to get married because we actually want to be married to one another. from what we've seen, getting married solely because someone got knocked up tends to end in divorce.
I've never wanted to get married and I pretty much thought my Mum had got over it - until I got pregnant (it was planned).
Conversation went like this:

Me... I'm pregnant

Mum... Oh, well you'll have to get married now won't you

Me... Umm, no

Mum... Oh, but Starmie, you'll have to

Me... Well, no I won't

Mum... Well, I don't know what to say to you, I'll get your dad.

Dad was pleased, as was everyone else, really don't think anyone else was bothered by my unmarried status.
We'd been together 8 years at this point and I was about to turn 31. I truly hated her for saying that to me, especially as my sister was pregnant with no. two at the time and I knew just how besotted she was by her grandson and excited about her expected baby. She wrote me an apology the next day, but I still can't forget what she said.

She was 7 months pregnant with my sister when she got married. I suspect it was all very shameful/embarassing for her and she thought it would somehow be the same for me.
3b in South Australia.

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