I just feel like i want to cry

My leg is hurting of course because ive been walking on it. Im on the last of my pain meds and really dont want to ask for more but want to ask for more, I hate being in pain.

Mondays are hard because i know its another week im going to be a home all day alone. May 30 will be the first anniversary of my moms death and im stiill settling her estate. I have to go to her house tomorrow and there has been some water damage from a broken pipe. My mother loved that house and im just glad she cant see the condition its in now.

Im just feeling really pitiful and wanted to whine. thanks for listening.
awwwww. i'm sending you a big hug.

i'm sorry about your mom. i watched my mom go through what you're going through, trying to keep my grandmother's house together & dealing with the estate, etc. it's not easy. i wish you the best.

i hope you feel better soon.
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{HUGS} I'm so sorry you're going through such a hard time.

Definitely ask for more meds if the pain is that bad. No reason to suffer physically if you don't have to, especially with all the emotional stuff going on.
Eres o te haces?
I'm sending you a hug too. Everything will be okay.
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(((hugs))) girl, we are here for you!
I agree, call your doctor and get a refill.
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I'm sorry you're feeling down today.

I agree with Cricket. Get that refill. There's no glory in suffering silently.

Feel better soon.
I'm sorry, aphro!

I hope things start to turn around, I know they will.
Best wishes Aphro,

I had surgery 3 weeks ago to both my legs and couldn't really walk well for half that. Bleeding just stopped last week on one leg and while the pain isn't unbearable it is annoying and limiting to what I can and normally do. We've had some construction going on in the house and I should be doing some building alog with it. Don't have a bedroom at all so matresses on the living room floor have been the arrangement. Been very depressed about that whole thing. A couple times just broke out in tears. Good thing this 6'1" 200+lb guy was alone during those times cuz I'm sure it wasn't pretty.
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I'm sorry, Aphro and GB.

Remember that you always have people here to talk to when you're hurting and lonely!
I just wanted to send you some warm wishes and good vibes.
I hate when NOTHING seems right about a day. I'm sorry you're dealing with all of this!

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I'm sending a big hug your way too. I'm so sorry everything seems upside down right now - it won't be like this forever.
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{{hugs}} Whine away...it helps
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thank you sooo much ladies. when i posted that last night, my jaw was tight and i had this lump in my throat that just wouldnt go away. I felt like at the slightest provocation I would be a balling mess.

reading your responses almost made me cry lol. Im just having a moment. I am so grateful for you folks.

your a blessing.

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