This sucks

So I went to Target today and for the fun of it, I meandered around the home decorating section. Gawd, I found some stuff that I would LOVE to have as decor. But I can't buy it, I am moving in with my mom so I won't have to worry about paying rent and working when I head back to school full-time. The hardest part of this arrangement will be not having my own space to decorate. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel and when I am done with school, I can hopefully buy my own place, but that is a loooong way off. But becoming a SLP is my priority and I'm sticking to it, I can't think negative!!

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I never window shop in areas that have stuff I can't get for that very reason. It can too easily get you down sometimes. You have a goal that is important to you. Just think about that. Pursuing that is way cooler then any stuff you could buy by far.
Maaaaybe you could buy pillows or something to update where you're staying now...?
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Could you find a roommate perhaps? To help offset the cost of rent?
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