Another Tipping Question

Sorry for yet another tipping thread, but I need your etiquette expertise. Please let me state up front that I usually tip well for any service where a tip is usually expected/appreciated. I'm just unsure of what exactly to do in this case:

I received a coupon from a friend for a FREE (!) massage for a masseuse who's trying to build up his clientele. Her roommates and several of their friends go to this guy regularly and recommend him highly, so he seems legit. I have an appointment for Thursday and am already worrying about the tipping situation. Should I tip him? I'm leaning toward yes, but I'm not sure how much to tip since the massage is free. Ack! Help!
Yes, I would tip based on the original price of the massage, plus a little extra since it's free.
Yes Tipping Is Usually 20% Of The Price Of The Service..
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Yes, you should tip him!!! I always tip 20% on gift certificates for salon/spa stuff.

(When you get there, just peek at a brochure or check his website ahead of time, the price of your service will be listed).

I live in NY and massages are usually about $80/hr. When I lived in NC they were about $65/hr. Hopefully those are good reference points so you can stop stressing out pre-massage!
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Thanks. You're echoing what I was already thinking, so I feel better. His rates are listed on his website, so I will tip based on 20% of the regular rate, plus a little extra, since that's all he'll be making on this massage.
I would tip my usual 20%, nothing more. The fact that it's free would not make me want to give extra.

It's free, so I want it to be free. If it's a good massage, I'll give the person regular business.

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