Chris Cornell's New Album SCREAM

IT rocks! It funks! IT is not like any other album out there. He and Timballand really did a unique dancey, rocky, soully, bluesy album.

I have loved Chris' music since Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave and his solo projects. The man can really do no wrong in my ears because he is a wonderful singer and has many influences. I am "po'd a bit because some fans are turning on him because of the direction of this new album. Prince, Bowie and Sting have all done different styles of music and heck Rob Zombie has always had danceable funky rock. I would just encourage people to go out and buy the CD and listen to it a few times. It really is killa!!

Also, Chris has grown out his is looking righteous with the curls and waves. We have tickets to see him in BOSTON!!! He sold out the first day!!
Cool - I'll have to check it out! I did not realize that him and Timbaland had collaborated on an album. I just LOVE the sound of Chris Cornell's voice.
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I heard SCREAM on this highlites clip on NFL Network!!! They actually played clips of the video in with the I downloaded the song from iTunes. It's really HOT!!!
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Another Cornell fan here, love his voice and he is dreamy....Gotta check out his new tunes!
me likeeeeee.... the face AND the voice
Curls,Coils,Waves & WhatKnot
3miii/My HGs tame bulk&frizz/Give definition w/o crunch
My Photobucket Album

check out post #62 and #66

Cochise THIS SONG ROCKS!!!!! My all time fave!!!! Cochisevideo


WOW what a diff in sound but I have to say it's pretty cool!

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I used to teach in the guitar store where ALL the Seattle bands used to shop. (Cancer in the family made me move back to the East Coast before I got to meet any of them.)The store owner Danny, was a sweetheart of a man who knows them all. He said he really liked Chris Cornell until he left his wife for a VERY young model.
That being said, the man has one of the best voices in rock. ABSOLUTELY love it. (Hunger Strike is one of the best songs ever.)
HOWEVER, please be aware that his range is not what it used to be (smoking for over 20 years and booze will do it) and that he has had to cancel shows because he voice has given out.

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