Breast biopsy 4/15 - Ts, Ps & vibes needed (old post)

I'm late! Thoughts and prayers coming your way.
I'm late! Thoughts and prayers coming your way.
Originally Posted by CurlyinColorado
Ditto. Good luck! I hope everything works out for you!
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I'm sorry! I hope things get better for you. Good Luck!
Rant ahead, need to unload:

Well, I went to the pre-op appt today. Blood draw, paperwork and instructions. What a PITA! I need to scrub Tues night with their sterile scrubbie thing, sleep on freshly laundered sheets with clean pjs, etc. Get up and scrub again Wed AM before surgery, wear clean clothes.... they don't want any chance of germs. Oh, and I can't shave between now and then either so I don't have any scrapes, etc. So I guess tomorrow, instead of resting, I'll be doing laundry to be prepared. Ugh.

At least I won't worry about my hair or makeup for surgery. Can't wear any makeup (who cares anyway?!) and I'm sure they'll crush my hair into a lovely paper bonnet. So I'm taking comfy clothes for before/after.

I tell you, the stress is really getting to me. I have had migraines for the last 2 weeks. Another one today after all the prep stuff. Feel like throwing up all day.

They plan on doing it with a local only, but I can't eat after midnight just in case I need to go under general anesthesia. The nurse suggested I *do* have a good snack before bed though, since I won't eat all day Tues.

I go in at 8:15 AM Wed to insert the wire before surgery, which isn't scheduled until 11:30 AM. So I'll be sitting around with a wire in (and taped to) my boob for 3 hours waiting for surgery. Fun. and OUCH.

They said the anesthesiologist will be on hand to give me something thru the IV (with the fluids and antibiotics) to make me relax. I'm going to have a strict talk with this person to make sure they understand what an anesthesia lightweight I am. I've had surgery twice where they were just supposed to make me relax, not put me out, and they knocked me on my butt for over a day. I was dead to the world. I may insist on refusing anything at all. Surgery does not scare me in the least, I'm not squeamish. I'd watch if I could.

Feeling a little better for getting this off my chest.

But please think of me tomorrow and esp Wed! I just need to get thru a few more days of this. I thought I was doing well at keeping my mind off it, but the migraines call me a liar.

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(((hugs))) ... I'll be thinking of you!
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(((( hugs )))))

Will be saying prayers and sending good vibes your way, Curlilocks...

I hope all goes well. I'm sorry about your migraines.
Geez, like you need that on top of it, huh? grrr.

we love ya!
Healing Women - Please help.
Hugs and prayers. Vent all you want. That is what we are here for.
Good luck, we're all pulling for you!
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Hugs And Many Prays To You.....
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I'll keep you in my thoughts. Good luck on Wednesday, and I hope it goes as smoothly as possible!
Good luck, Curlilocks! I'll be thinking of you. I hope everything goes smoothly.

Personally, I would try to enjoy the anesthesia, but I'm always on the lookout for a legal, mind-altering substance. Seriously, I wish you all the best.
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Yeah, surgery drugs are awesome!

Good luck, Curlilocks! I hope it all turns out to be no big deal.
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Thanks everyone. It's great to know I have so many curly friends supporting me.

RE: surgery drugs - general anesthesia has always made me severely ill with intense vomiting. When they supposedly gave me a little happy juice to calm me or whatever for non-general surgery, I was knocked out and stayed out for over a day. That, I did not like. And I have a son to take care of, hubby will be going to work the next morning. I have to be coherent. If they can keep it very light, maybe I'll be ok.

But I've had 3 LEEP surgeries on my cervix with just a local and it didn't bother me. The worst thing was the epinephrine in the local (to slow bleeding) that made my heart race -- scary feeling.

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good luck!!!
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Very sorry to hear that.

You'd think the 4d imaging technology would alleviate a lot of this unnecessary waiting to determine how much tissue to remove as/if needed. If you don't want to wait, try a newer facility that specializes in women's cancer issues.

Good luck.
Good luck with the biopsy. ((HUGS)) and postive vibes heading your way...
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Does hubby *have* to go to work that day or maybe go later? You should have some help.
(((hugs))) & vent away...we are here for you

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