Is sugar addictive?

I'm beginning to think that it is. I swear it's like once you get some sugar in your mouth you just want more. I may have to swear it off entirely.
I think it can be. I could go weeks without the tiniest bite, but once I take a bit I just keep eating it for the rest of the day. I'm fine the next day, though.
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Not for me. I like sweets okay but I don't eat huge amounts.
yes. I am a sugar addict.
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Sugar can be addicting, yes.
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Yes! But even worse is the high fructose corn syrup that's used instead of sugar in so many things.
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It is to me. I had to give up candy and desserts all together because once I start, I can't stop. I limit myself to dessert when we go out for dinner or I have Greek yogurt with honey at home.
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Everything can be addictive. It's all a matter of chemicals and hormones in your brain.
Sugar is a drug for me, and by sugar I mean cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, etc. Artificial sweeteners are too, I seem to use more and more. I've been on a no sugar added diet for more than a year, and recently switched from artificial sweeteners to Stevia and agave nectar and the occasional honey in my tea. I switched from Sweetleaf Stevia to Nustevia. The Nustevia isn't bitter at all.
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Yep, sugar is addictive. So is salt, fried yummy stuff...

I think sugar is the devil.

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Yes. And whenever I try to cut it out, I go through withdrawal (physical symptoms and all - almost like a drug addiction) for at least a week.
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Yes, I think that it's addictive.

I think that it releases those "feel good" chemicals in your brain...that's why people go towards "comfort foods" which tend to be sweets and salts when they are feeling down.
Yes, for some people it is absolutely addicting. Like Legends, I can go without for a long time, but once I have some, that's it. I'm out of control. What's one more cookie or brownie? Fortunately, I get wired and don't like that flying out of control feeling.
Some of my friends think I have so much self control, but I really don't. I have zero self control which is why I pass on even just a bite of something with sugar. If I have just that bite, I keep going and cannot stop.
I don't have the same reaction to artificial sugar-sweetened foods.
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Yes! Like others have said once you have some you cant stop. I also go through weird withdrawal symptoms when I cut it out from my diet.

I wont use sweeteners though- i think they are worse for you then sugar.

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