My mom confided in me that her dad <my grandpa> has noticed my grandma doing some odd things. She has been forgetting to turn the stove off & made dinner & then went & sat in the living room. These sound innocent enough unless you know my grandma. She is a very TOGETHER person. She is like my entire family's roel model. She is literally the best person in the entire world. She is who we all strive to be like. She is who the men in the family strive to marry someone like.... I know it soudns crazy, but she is liek almost perfect... Anyway- Alzheimer's Disease runs in my family pretty badly, and so when my mom told me, I automatically knew what she was meaning... My mom is heartbroken. She watched her grandma and grandpa go through this and it was horrible. She says she has been dreading this for as long as she can remember... I just can't even comprehend my grandma not being herself. And, then I think about how it runs on both my mom's parent's sides of the family. My mom is scared that one day SHE will also have it adn has been petrified of that day too. My grandpa wants to wait until after Easter & then both of them will go get check ups. I mean, it COULD be just old age, but the history of AD in the family is too real to not check into it. I guess I just needed to get this off my chest b/c I am not supposed to tell anyone else yet. Please pray for her & my family.

Anyone who is /has going/gone through this have any advice?
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I'm so sorry hun. My dad went thru it too. The good thing is that it sounds like it's early enough to start meds and slow the progression.

It also could be something else. There's a condition that's similar to AD in its symptoms but can be treated. I can look it up if you like.

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There are a number of conditions that can cause problems with the thought process -- urinary infections, thyroid problems, and B12 deficiency, for instance. So those things should be checked. It might not even be Alzheimer's.
Both my grandma and granddad had Alzheimers. I also have an aunt that was recently diagnosed with it. These were all on my Moms side of the family so I understand how you and your Mom feel. I agree that your grandma should see a doctor before you assume. Take care.
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My paternal grandfather had Alzheimer's. My husband's maternal aunt unfortunately has had it for the past few years.
I agree that your grandmother needs to be checked out by the doctor ASAP. If it is Alzheimer's, maybe she can take medication to slow the progression. It could be something else, as well.
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I'm so sorry. I have a great-aunt who has Alzheimer's. I'm not super close with her, but I know it's hard on her children and grandchildren.

I hope your grandma turns out not to have Alzheimer's and can be treated.
I'm so sorry. Alzheimer's is such an awful disease.

My husband's dad died from complications of AD last August. He'd been sick for such a long time (as long as I can remember, he'd shown symptoms) so it was a relief for my MIL when he finally died. The one mistake made was that my MIL was in such denial about his illness (afraid they'd take him away) that she hid his symptoms and didn't get him on medication early on. By the time he got on medication, it was too late. I'm glad your grandpa is having her checked out soon.
Ts & Ps for your grandma. I hope the tests can help her get treatment. My grandma had Alzheimers (we think, it was long ago and I don't think my aunt [caregiver] took her for testing). She'd do the same things, leaving the stove on, etc.

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Shelli, I'm so sorry your family is going through this worry. I really hope it turns out to be something else and that it can get treated.

All the best to you and your family.
Ts and Ps for your grandmother, your grandfather, your mom and you. <<HUGS>>
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My mother has dementia. Many of the symptoms are similar to Alzheimer's, and she took Aricept for a while to slow the progression. It worked well enough that she was able to live by herself for another 18 months or so. But we (and her doctor) had to step in and insist that she move to assisted living 4-1/2 years ago. She declined further, and moved to a skilled-nursing facility about 2 years ago.

It is hard. But if this is what is happening with your grandma, remember that although at some point she might not seem like the same person, her essence is still intact. Sorry, I might not have described that very well; hope you know what I mean.

I am sending you big (((hugs))) and will keep you and your family in my prayers.
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Oh, I'm so sorry. My grandmother had this and I watched her go from a lively person to almost nothing. It's a horrible disease. I feel for you.

My mother is showing signs but refuses to go to the doctor for testing. I hope it is not this way for your grandmother.
I'm so sorry to hear this. All my best to your family.
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I've worked with Alzheimers/dementia patients for years, on and off, it's usually much harder for the family to deal with than the patient, so I'm sending hugs your way. Glad she's going to get tested, like others have said - drugs can help if it's diagnosed early enough.
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I am really sorry to hear that. It is not an easy disease for the family to deal with.

My grandmother is showing signs of dementia but refuses to get checked out. Its hard seeing someone you love and respect have to deal with such a thing.
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Both of my folks seem to be okay (god willing, knock wood!). They seem to have the usual moments of forgetfulness that happens in your late 70s (Mom) and early 80s (Dad). Nothing to get too worried about at the moment - just sort of like, "Oh, my cousin Tina is coming to visit next week!" "Yeah, Mom, I know - you mentioned it last week." "Oh, you're right, I did."

My former neighbor was diagnosed with Alzheimer's when I still lived in my old building, and her sons asked myself and our neighbor across the hall to help keep an eye on her. In her case, she literally thought she was 19 again - you'd ask her, and that's what she'd tell you. But that lead to some real problems, where she'd sneak out in the middle of the night in her nightgown, because she thought she was a teenager and that she was sneaking out of her parents' house to meet up with her boyfriend. Luckily, the couple of times that happened, my other neighbor, and I think our super (who knew about her condition as well) both caught her before she got out of our building, but we'd call her son and he'd come right over. I know she was on medication, but I don't remember what it was that they had her on.

It's totally heartbreaking and very nerve-wracking, and this wasn't even a relative of mine - I can't imagine how tough this would be for a family member.

My heart goes out to you and your family.
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