Does anybody know how to do pysanky?

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They're so BEAUTIFUL!!! How long does it take to do one egg? It looks really hard.

I'd love to just try to make one, but around here they don't have classes of that sort, not a lot of diversity/interesting cultural activities in these parts.

I'm just curious, is all.
When I was little my grandma and friend's mom use to make them every Easter. I don't remember exactly how but I do know they used this colored wax type stuff, this handheld pin type tool, and a candle. I *think* they blew out the egg from inside too. Oh and that it was reallly really hard but they were awesome!!!
I have always wanted to learn to do those! I seen it on reading rainbow once and never forgot about it.
I did a few, ages ago. The ones I tried were never as intricate or beautiful as the ones in the pic. I learned from a book.
It is definitely a time-consuming process and you need a steady hand.
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Don't know how to do them, but bough tone that looked like those in Japan...
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I've never done it but I would LOVE to. They are SO beautiful! I don't have a hand for drawing at all though, and I would think you'd need to be able to draw a straight line at the very least.
If you do a search for it on youtube, all kinds of videos come up.

It looks AWESOME, but really complicated. And you definitely need to go into it with a plan... this one has me mesmerized...
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my grandmother taught me how to do them when i was a child. if i still had good hands, i could probably do them, though not to the same level as my grandmother did.
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