Who else feels like crying?

I feel like crying. I don't even feel like telling anyone why. it's just so many things, i'd rather not say.

anyone else?
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Aw.....I wish I could hand you a nice, clean, sweet smelling handkerchief.
awww. let it out, crying is very theraputic. everyone should have a good cry ever once in awhile.
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I feel like this every so often.
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I feel like this every so often.
Originally Posted by Scarlet
Me too.
And one of those times just so happened to be yesterday! It felt good to cry. After I did, I felt so much better. Once you get the crying part out of the way, (for me) it's almost like I can move onto the real issue(s) at hand, and get it taken care of.

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I don't feel this way today but I have often in the last few months. Cry if you need to. It can make you feel much better.
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I had a much needed melt-down last week, while I was doing the dishes. I made myself think about my dad dying, because I just couldn't "get there".

Anyhow, I felt 2,000X better afterwards. Sometimes, ya just gotta let it go.
meryn i like your avatar pic! it's nice.

sarasara i was feeling a little down last week. i think as others have said, a cathartic cry does the body good. also, i started taking my 5-htp again. it's supposed to help w/ your seratonin levels. i also got some good sleep last night and those things help me feel better. also, watch funny movies and don't watch the news (if you watch it alot)...eat well and get physical exercise too. every little bit helps.
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Let it out, you'll feel a million times better.
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I wish I would feel like crying more often. Crying is very difficult for me to do anymore. The older I get, the less I cry. I like it when I cry though...it lets things out, evens out the hormonal feelings, and just makes me feel human.
I either watch really sad or really funny movies when I feel like that.
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I need a good cry, but it just won't happen. Maybe the migraines would stop if I had a good cry.

RCW - I know what you mean.

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I cried more than I ever thought I would, all since Friday. The first thing that happened is that a very close friend and I had an extreme falling out, which I tried very hard to avoid, but their stance was surprising and extremely unmoving. The very next morning , Saturday, I lost the man who though, not biologically my father, raised me up from nothing. So yeah, I think I cried most of Friday and Saturday, a little yesterday and none today. So much emotion for two very different reasons. I still have more inside me though, to let out of me. I want to let it ALL out so that I can begin to heal. So much sadness.

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Crying can be a good thing. It's a good form of emotional release. I find that if I'm really stressed or having a big problem, having a big cry helps me get past the overwhelming emotions and lets me think more clearly so I can do what I need to do.
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I have felt this way for awhile now. Although I must say...a few tears run down before I suck it all back up again!
I always could use a good cry. Most of the time I hold it in, and when I do cry, its not exactly "real" if you get what I mean.

Yes, I've been to therapy and they all tell me crying is extremely normal and healthy. But for my entire life I've just always held in feelings and I don't know why. Guess it's more therapy time for me
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I'll cry with you. One of my little ones saw me crying earlier and it upset her. Now I need to cry some more....
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I need a good cry...so much going on and NOT going on...my life is at a standstill and it's all my fault. I need a cry but it doesn't seem to be coming...I did manage some good tears with a couple of Grey's Anatomy's episodes, but I still feel that I need to cry more.

The trouble with crying over an onion is that once the chopping gets you started and the tears begin to well up, the next thing you know you just can’t stop!
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