I'm so horrible!

so you're sharing two different accounts? here and another one. that just seems odd. what kind of spam do you think you'll get by getting your own account? i've been a member on this site since 99 and i don't get any spam from it. this all seems pretty strange. most teenagers want privacy so sharing an account is the last thing they'd want to do. i don't know....
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This is confusing and it seems you might be speaking less than truthfully here too. If this is how things were with your amazing friend, I can understand why he's not talking to you. Since you two have never met, he might not be inclined to invest further effort in the relationship.

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Like usually I'll get mail or newsletters for hair products or new games. Usually from world of warcraft because I play that. For me privacy isn't that big of an issue and the account on the other site my friend abandoned it and I changed the password on it.

Yeah I don't think he wants to continue with me anymore. But it's ok if he doesn't, it really doesn't matter. I just don't want him to hate me.
For one thing, the spam filters on mail programs are quite good. I have yahoo, and 99% of the spam goes straight to my junk folder.

You can also get yourself a second email address on yahoo or gmail or whateve. Only use that address to register for sites. Use your other email address for corresponding with friends.
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I didn't think it was a big deal about 1 year because I will be 19 soon anyways. I didn't want to confuse him at the beggining so I waited to tell him. Then I came to my senses he would surely want to know how it's possible to repeat the age 19 and not go on to 20 when my b day came around.
Originally Posted by curly_me2
Why would you think that telling him that you share an account would be confusing?

The fact that you said your b-day is soon makes it sound even stranger. A lot of people start rounding up their age when it gets close, or say I'm nearly whatever. It's hardly considered a lie.

If your worried about junk, just create another email account and use that.
In your opinion is yahoo or gmail better?
Yeah but to me it's seems strange to round it. I was taught that your a certain age till your birthday then you turn older. Other than that your not that age yet.
In post #10 you say you just turned 18, in post #19 you say you will be 19 soon.

Just sayin'
can soon be counted as a year? Next year doesn't seem that far. But I don't think I want to see him anyways. P.S fine I'm only 18 and I just said that because I didn't want to be ridiculed for being thought of as to young for him. That would never fix my problem.
can soon be counted as a year?
Originally Posted by curly_me2

I agree with Phoenix. We're not getting the whole truth and the story we are getting keeps changing.
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I think he probably realized that the age issue might be the least of his problems.

Honestly, I'm sorry if this sounds mean, but you're asking for opinions on this situation and you still don't seem to be coming clean about what the issues actually are. All we know at this point is that you're between the ages of 14 - 19 (and post number 28 contradicts post # 26) You can't blame a guy for being scared about this.
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The true story: I'm only 18 and won't be 19 until well into next year. I'm graduating this year so I'm still in high school. I lied because I know I would be bashed at for liking and talking to someone older than me. I told my best friend about it and she doesn't know what I should do so I came on here. My little sister mainly used this but I needed advice and bad. For me lying is a bad habit although It might not make any sense. I try to stop but everytime I lie it just gets harder to put up with it. I learned my lesson about lying far to well by all of you. Lesson: no matter how hard I try to evade the truth it will come right back to me. You ladies helped me realize that. I will just stop this the easy way. I'll just stop talking to him. Easy as that. I guess the saying the truth will set you free is true after all. From now on I'll try to be as truthful as possible even if it will make things bad.
I know you won't like hearing this, but you are probably too young for him. Annoying hearing that, but it's true. A lot of growing up and maturing happens in late teens/early twenties. There could be a huge difference between a newly turned 18 year old still in HS vs a 20 year old who's possibly lived on his own for a few years. Priorities change pretty quick. If his maturity level is that of a teenager, he'd probably be bad news.
Your right. In a way we are really different. His maturity level is through the roof and me just getting ready to be on my own and new to the real world, I don't think we would fit. I should just keep more in my maturity and age level. Man I feel so much better now that I got all of that out. I'm sure he will understand my reasons.
Thanks everyone!(thanks for putting up with my lies at the beggining and picking at me until the end)
In post #10 you say you just turned 18, in post #19 you say you will be 19 soon.

Just sayin'
Originally Posted by sdc
Thank you. I was just about to post this!
For some reason this thread feels like the thread about someone who accidentally ran over a pug. Anyone recall it?

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"Hope the Mail are saving space tomorrow for Samantha Brick's reaction piece on the reactions to her piece about the reactions to her piece." ~ Tweet reposted by Rou.

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