Green and mini cars.

I've been hearing about green and mini cars which don't need gas or run off of electricity. Are they as safe as regular cars. I have an old jeep which Im not to fond of. If I got a green car I could save money and be green. So is it safe?
This was on the noon news here. It showed a mini getting crushed by a sedan.
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The other thing is that you wouldn't really "save" money for a long time. You'd have to pay off the new car first!!!
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No, they're not safe...a new report came out today saying so. This was no surprise to me. I'd love to save gas money, but I also don't want to be squashed like a I drive normal cars.
The other thing is that you wouldn't really "save" money for a long time. You'd have to pay off the new car first!!!
Originally Posted by newcurly
But in buying a new [or newer] car, she'd have a car note to pay each month regardless, no?

[I swear I'm not following you around today, poking holes in everything you say. Really. It's just a coincidence.]

As to their being safe I really didn't need a study to tell me that. It's fairly obvious to me they're not as safe.
I saw something like that crash on msn news. But I'm interested in the aptera 2e. They claim it's safe and stuff on their website. Yeah I understand I would have to save money I'm putting money away for it. But if it isn't safe I don't think it would be worth it.
I can't imagine wanting to spend $25,000-45,000 on a car like that. I guess I figure there are greener ways to commute, since that's about all that vehicle is good for. Even though it doesn't use gasoline, there is an environmental impact to using electricity.

My practical side says that it's a mistake to buy the first edition of any vehicle. If you're Tom Hanks or Robin Williams, you can afford to preorder this car and take a chance with its reliability. You're 18 years old. You are obviously much wealthier than I was at 18 (or even 38!) but do you really want to have to sink a lot of money into repairing a vehicle that, even today, is still a prototype?

I don't think anyone can tell you how safe this car really is. The only safety tests on this car have been done by the manufacturer. Most of those tests were computer-generated.
LOL I was actually going to buy it because it looks cool and unique but then I started to wonder what would happen if I got hit by a hummer! With cars like those they attract attention and next thing you know someone vandalizes it or tries to steal it. My parents are telling me to put the money over to paying for college. I seriously want a new car though!
I saw an electric only car the other day. He stopped by the station to see if he could plug and recharge for a little while. It's by a company called miles automotive. The thing actually looks like a golf cart and top speed was 25 miles. I think if you have money to waste that's fine but a 17K sticker price is kind of steep. I don't know how good I'd do with remembering to charge my car. It's my cell phone and I usually remember when I'm on one bar.

I don't think it would be that much cheaper. First you have to pay the car off, then you have to remember IF these things become really popular, there will be a higher demand for electricity. Of course if the demand increases, so will the cost of electricity.
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Man, I've seen a couple of those stupid roller skate looking cars. I hate them!!! They make me so nervous! I always want to drive behind them just so I can be sure they have a big cushion of space so no-one hits them. I'm tired of protecting these damn green smart people!!!!! I have better things to do than drive behind you all day ensuring your safety. ya weasels!!!!!
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I want a Smart car, just because they are terribly cute to me, but also because I do feel somewhat guilty driving my big ol SUV around town when I'm running errands and shopping. I wanted to get a Vespa, but I wouldn't have any place for all my bags. I put the Smart car in the same safety category as a scooter, though.

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