Criminal Records Search - TX and/or LA?

I've tried Googling, but have not had luck. Does anyone know of a FREE way to search for public criminal records in the states of Texas and Louisiana?

I know in Wisconsin, you can search the circuit court database easily for free to find criminal and civil records. I found the official Texas site for public criminal records, but you have to pay to be able to access it (which doesn't seem very legal, but whatever). I can't find anything that doesn't seem like a scam related to Louisiana. I'd really appreciate it if anyone knows where to look.
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badger, you can do that in Tejas...
Do you at least have a county?
badger, you can do that in Tejas...
Do you at least have a county?
Originally Posted by WilePECoyote - The Nudist Poster

Thanks - I didn't even think to do it by county! I was looking at the state site. I found the site for Dallas County and found no hits on the person I want to look up. Whew.
The only free site I know is, but it's specifically for sexual predator-type crimes.

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Thanks, Phoenix and Wile-E! A student verbally assaulted one of my colleagues today after she asked him to put away his laptop in class. The professor is meeting with the student soon and we were curious about his background. Thankfully, nothing showed up in the searches, but we'll be very careful anyway.

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I have called the county courthouse before and asked information when I was a reporter. It was public information. It may be something you want to try.

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