View Poll Results: Are you guilty of drunk dialing/texting?
yes 17 41.46%
no 24 58.54%
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Drunk dialing

I need to have my cell phone taken away from me when I am near alcohol. I can't even be near a bottle of wine without feeling the urge to make inappropriate calls/texts. I hate myself!!
Originally Posted by oingo-sproingo
This is me too. I have to have someone hold my phone sometimes!! It's BAD!
Trying to find some sanity as I work on my master's in nursing...
Sadly I make my dumb phone calls when I"m sober. I get kind of impulsive sometimes.

I can barely use a phone when I"m drunk
2C/3A -- wurly!
Never, ever, ever. God no.

I am a master of will-power when it comes to shunning people that have hurt me. I'm the most proud person ever, to the point of stubborn ridiculousness.
Originally Posted by meryn
This is me also. Mess with me, I ice you out forever hehe
3A / 2B / 2C wavicelli

I drunk-posted at Creepy last Friday night.
Originally Posted by MizKerri
Thubs up, K. Thubs up.
You are an evil biatch, evil. Your life must suck!
Originally Posted by snowflakes821
Last year for my 31st b-day was the first time there wasn't a hurricane, monsoon, heavy rain in YEARS. I was going to make up for lost time. I never was a a drinker, but that year it was on.

I kept texting my then BF now hubby. He was in Miami partying. (he had these plans before we got together) Nothing big. "wish you were here" "Had a shot of Petron" I went home. I texted him again " just had 2 Goldschlager shots"

Then darkness.

Until I realized in my mind "Hey I went to the bathroom. BUT I don't remember leaving" Sure enough there I was on the floor.

More darkness

The FIRST thing I did when I woke in the morning after thanking god for another day was to grab my cell phone to make sure there was nothing after the Goldschlager text.



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