View Poll Results: Do you remember who your first kiss was with?
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Do you remember your first kiss ever?

(he was 23 but don't tell anyone)
Originally Posted by atlantisrising
I told my Mom, 2 coworkers, some lady out walking her dog, and the FedEx guy.
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(he was 23 but don't tell anyone)
Originally Posted by atlantisrising
I told my Mom, 2 coworkers, some lady out walking her dog, and the FedEx guy.
Originally Posted by gekko422
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I know no one will read this, but it sure was fun to write about it .
Originally Posted by LavenderCurls
I read it!
I don't mind at all jeep curlygirl I still laugh myself
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I was 13. My friend Lisa and I were "going with" these 2 guys that went to another junior high, so we didn't get to see them often. So, we were having a dance and we decided to bring our boyfriends. Neither of us had been kissed yet so we decided that night was it. We had it al planned out. So, when the time came, I went through with it. I don't remember much about the actual kiss except it was nice. My friend, on the other hand, was so freakin nervous she ran to the bathroom and threw up! Kind of a mood killer. But, I can never forget this story.
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I was sixteen and I was in my friend's basement playing Truth or Dare Jenga with my friends. (Two other girls, one of their boyfriends, and one of his friends.)

My friend's boyfriend drew "kiss the person to your left", which was me. Since his girlfriend was sitting on MY left I assumed he'd just give me a peck on the cheek and fulfill his little dare obligation.
He didn't. It's not like he totally laid one on me or anything weird like that but it was more than (anyone) expected. It was weird, because he's one of my best friends.
We all laughed about it.
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I was 14 and his name was Luke. I'm not sure how long we had been dating at the time. We were in his basement for some reason, this wasn't a finished basement but just a concrete basement where the laundry was done..I think he took me down there to get away from his parents so he could kiss me. We were sitting on the floor awkwardly when his dad called down that it was time to go (his dad had to drive me home since obviously neither one of us drove yet..) we just looked at each other and kissed. It was..I don't know..I don't think it was as bad as it was awkward, I had never had someone elses tongue in my mouth and I remember what a weird feeling that was. I pulled away saying that I wasn't ready for this because I wasn't over my previous boyfriend, when infact I didn't have a boyfriend before this, it was something I made up to make him believe I wasn't totally naive and inexperienced, but really I just wasn't ready to get physical yet. I wanted to get the first kiss out of the way though, so there you have it.
My first "kiss" was a very innocent peck when I was quite young... But the first *real* kiss....well, it still ranks up there in my top kisses ever. It was quite memorable, and not one I'm likely to ever forget!
Originally Posted by NetG
me exactly.

first real kiss was a good one.

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i was in 10th grade, so i was 15 and i was in another high school's production of west side story. his name was hector medina and he was a freshman. cute, yet highly annoying and 1/4 my size. he had the biggest crush on me while the "jets" were practicing one of their scenes ( i was a "shark") we were talking and he kissed me. and then he KISSED me. three days later at the cast party this kid i actually had a crush on, hans jansma, he was a year or two older than me, ended up making out with me and i got felt up (and down for that matter) for the first time. that was an eventful week...memories, memories.
It was with my first boyfriend on a church mission trip - I remember that much. I don't remember the actual kiss. I just remember us doing a lot of kissing on that trip.
It was just a peck during a game of spin the bottle at Alison's birthday party. We had a huge pizza, like 30inches. And when Liz spun it landed on me. The game seemed to fizzle out after that. She was "dating" someone else at the party kinda. He was fine with it but she was embarrassed. I was more embarrassed and 10 years later she didn't remember. Didn't expect her to.

First real kiss was with DW. Electric after I pinned her because she was tickling me. After the 3rd night of this flirting (that she didn't do if you ask her ) I gave in and kissed her.
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Originally Posted by internetchick
Yep, it is ...
I know no one will read this, but it sure was fun to write about it .
Originally Posted by LavenderCurls
I read it!
Originally Posted by sfcurlee
LOL, you're so sweet!
Yeah, I damn near blacked out. I guy the boy kept calling my name, asking me if I was ok and I just couldnt answer. I just stood there staring at him, head spinning. I think I was about 14 or 15.
My "first kiss" was kinda creepy so I don't really count it...I was 15 or 16 on a cruise ship for the first time and I was exploring and couldnt find my room...a bell-boy type staff member saw my confusion and offered to show me the direction my room number was in. He was obviously older and Columbian and he was suprised when I said my family was also South American. We get to my room, he kinda steps in after me. I thank him and he gives me a peck on my right cheek, then the other one. Then he leaned in and kissed me on my lips I promply said "Goodbye!" and closed and locked my door. A second later he knocks and calls out if I was okay...I assured him I was fine and waited 10 minutes or so until I ran up to the casino and found my daddy and told him what happened

My first actual kiss that I count wasn't until I was 18...he was 27 and we had a short little thing that didn't go anywhere. I think I was too traumatized to kiss again before that!
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I was a "late bloomer" and got my first kiss at the age of 18 (I'm 19 now). We were actually just studying in his dorm room, when he started asking about past relationships and such in a casual way. I told him I had actually never had a boyfriend and he was surprised and eventually got to the question of if I had my first kiss yet, I told him no, and then he asked if he could, and I say "Ok" and it happened. I was bad, I'm sure, but he had quite soft lips.
He ruined it when he started to grab the boobage. THAT wasn't gonna happen during my first kiss! So I grabbed his hand so he would stop and we kissed a little more.
There have been TOO many others since then, probably because the whole kissing thing was so new and fun to me.

But NO MORE. I'm saving any further kissing for an ACTUAL boyfriend. yep.
I think my first actual kiss was when a friend at camp and I went in to kiss each other on the cheek and aimed wrong. I was 12 then. My first real kiss was when I was 14. The dude's name was Mike D and we were at a school dance. He was 3 years older than I was and the kiss was pretty awful. He used his teeth but in a bad way. It's hard to describe. I don't think I found a good kisser until I was 17.
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It was with the first boy I really ever had strong feelings for, maybe puppy love... it was in the hallway when he was going home one evening after hanging out at my house. We were 15, I think. I walked him to the door, and we finally kissed after trying to kiss for like, a month. It sent tingles down my spine, and I felt warm and melty inside. His name was Mitch.
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I was in 8th grade and my boyfriend Brian walked me home from school. He was sooo cute, blonde and blue-eyed. At the corner by my house he planted a big wet sloppy tongue filled kiss on me. I almost gagged, but I pretended I liked it and didn't wipe my mouth with my shirt sleeve until he walked away down the street. I couldn't believe that people actually LIKED doing that!! LOL!!!

But then again, I AM one of Internetchick's sister's friends...

Lavendercurls, my sister has noticed a trend with her girlfriends becoming lesbians. Funny how things change
Originally Posted by internetchick
Yep, it is ...
Originally Posted by LavenderCurls
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