View Poll Results: Do you remember who your first kiss was with?
Yes. 81 91.01%
No. 5 5.62%
Haven't had my first kiss yet. 3 3.37%
Voters: 89. You may not vote on this poll

Do you remember your first kiss ever?

I know no one will read this, but it sure was fun to write about it .
Originally Posted by LavenderCurls
I read it!
Originally Posted by sfcurlee
LOL, you're so sweet!
Originally Posted by LavenderCurls
I'm not on non hair often, so excuse my ignorance; why did you not expect anyone to read it?
I almost gagged, but I pretended I liked it and didn't wipe my mouth with my shirt sleeve until he walked away down the street. I couldn't believe that people actually LIKED doing that!! LOL!!!

But then again, I AM one of Internetchick's sister's friends...
Originally Posted by cornflower5
I had the same reaction to my first and I'm *not* one of internetchick's sister's friends!

[Is this going to become a catch phrase, like "friend of Dorothy?"]
I'm not on non hair often, so excuse my ignorance; why did you not expect anyone to read it?
Originally Posted by jeamaria
Yeah, I thought that was kinda funny she wrote that, although I know the feeling that probably prompted her to say that. But I'll leave it to lavendercurls to respond.

Did want to add, however, if you look at the page with all the threads listed, it shows the number of views and posts. And there's a whole lot more reading than writing going on.

All this stuff gets read many times over. The question is, by who?!
After the Kick-Off Dance (HS) of 1994 under the "lovers tree" (that name was coined b/c there's a little bench under the tree) with a guy named Jon-- he was one grade higher than me (my bf at the time went to a different school). The kiss tasted like cinnamon and felt really weird... gross even.

Ack... I kinda regret it now.

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