View Poll Results: How much do you shave your hooha?
No hair ever - looks like a baby always or most of the time 8 18.60%
A little trim once a week - no more than 1/2 inch growth 12 27.91%
Once every 2- 3 weeks. I let it grow out a little 9 20.93%
Only when I wear a swimsuit. 6 13.95%
Never shave ever 8 18.60%
Voters: 43. You may not vote on this poll

How much do you shave...

Ohhhh! I thought you were talking about WileE. How embarrassing. GB has never hit on me.
Originally Posted by Chocolate Curls
Originally Posted by WileECoyote - Daddy's grl
At least I think it was you. I hope it was.
What if it's not a hooha and do you really want to know.

I know friends in my real life wouldn't.
Originally Posted by GuardianB
Sorry, I don't get this.
Originally Posted by MelisaandAndrew

Are you a man?
Originally Posted by MelisaandAndrew
My wife calls me a boy if that qualifies.
Originally Posted by GuardianB
OMG. I always thought you were a lesbian.
Originally Posted by Meghuney
Yeah, I wasn't sure. LOL . I know there have been posts where I've been like what a strange thing to say but I was never really sure you were a man. Sorry Guardian, I won't mistake you for a woman anymore. LOL :P
I shave it all. My husband and I both do. He has a weird thing about body hair. He just thinks it's gross and unhygenic or something. I think he says something like "I like to floss on my own time."
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Don't shave - lasering most of it and trim the rest right down. Completely bare looked odd to me, I have tried it and didn't like it.
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I have a question. For those of you who shave regularly, did you ever get bumps? And if so, did they ever persist, no matter what trick you used?

I'm starting to feel like an oddball because no matter what I do, I get *severe* red bumps and irritation, which no shaving technique or topical solution will fix.

The only thing I figure I can do is try waxing, but a) I'm scared and b) I hold little hope that the results would be any different, and then I'd be out a big chunk of $$$ just to have a bikini area that feels like it's on fire for several days.

Also, anyone who cannot shave but liked waxing, or even didn't like it, please chime in! I'd like to hear about people's experiences with this. Thanks!
Originally Posted by sfcurlee
I get really bad bumps, which makes swimsuit season a nightmare for me. My doctor gave me some prescription cream though and that is really helping, though the skin is not perfect. I used to wax but I don't have time anymore, and I don't like how I have to let it grow for a while, but I had better results on my skin with waxing, though again, not perfect.

Question to those who shave entirely/have bumps/etc. : does your SO mind the bumps? As I stated, I don't shave it ALL, but even the parts I do shave get bumps and I'm kind of self-conscious about it.
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I just do a good long soak. That's the last thing I do before finishing my soak. were the one that said you were behind me...hehe
Altho, you prolly don't remember...
got a Brazillian last month and will continue...I feel so fresh!

May the hair gods shine on me (and you!).

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