View Poll Results: What determines how a person turns out?
Nature 0 0%
Nurture/Lack Of 2 8.70%
Combonation of Both of these 21 91.30%
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Spinoff: nature vs. nurture

Do people turn out how they do b/c of how they were raised or b/c of their nature? A combo of both?
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90% nurture
10% nature

And by nuture I don't just mean how you were raised, but the whole social structure that you were born into.
It's a combination of both. I think the personality is a part of the nature, genetics if you will, but nurture helps mold that personality into what it becomes.
Mothers can tell certain personalities of their children in utero. Usually it's the most difficult of children. Once they're born, that personality will be shaped by the surrounding environment.
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Scientists have learned that nurture shapes your nature. When a neuron in your brain fires and another neuron in your brain fires at the same time, those two neurons learn to always go off together. So, a lot of things that we used to think of as more hereditary have turned out to be caused by environment.

The good news is that the brain is so adaptable that we can change most of our behavior by new consistent behavior. Did that make any sense?
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Another recent study has pointed out that a child's nature will teach the partent how to nurture them. I believe it is a combo of both. Po makes a very good point about social structures' power to nurture as well.
Well, I had a long post written out, but I don't know where it went?
I definitely think it's a combination.

I think there are some fantastic people who missed out on nurture altogether growing up, and some horrible people with fantastic parents.

My guess would be in the realm of "average" parenting nature has a bigger effect than it would in extremely bad or extremely amazing parenting. (If there is such a thing as amazing parenting-being human, I'm not sure if parents can actually be truly amazing beyond the realm of what's considered normal for parenting.)

I know a little boy who was, by nature, very smiley and happy. His mother was definitely on the lower end of the spectrum.... and he stopped smiling. However, she has since gotten her act together, and he's back to smiling all the time. So it's there in his nature, but had to be nurtured to be seen.
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