View Poll Results: Which would you buy?
Earrings 40 81.63%
Pendant 9 18.37%
Voters: 49. You may not vote on this poll

What would you get?

Earrings. You can dress them up or down. I'd feel dorky in jeans and T-shirt, wearing a diamond pendant. Simple diamond studs would go with everything.
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I vote earrings too. My husband bought a pair for me a couple of years ago and I wear them almost all the time. Plus you have a little baby, and if she's anything like my daughter, she'll be grab-happy when it comes to necklaces.
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I voted earrings because I wear them more than necklaces. Stud earrings are versatile too because you can buy all kinds of enhancers for them.

I would be more afraid of losing a pendant than earrings. Good earrings come with the backs that screw on so you won't lose them, but necklaces can break.
How long is your hair, M2LR & Co? If your new sparklies are just going to be hidden, I vote pendant.
How long is your hair, M2LR & Co? If your new sparklies are just going to be hidden, I vote pendant.
Originally Posted by meryn
Hmm...Kinda short. Maybe shoulder length...I would DEF show them off!!
Earrings, for all the same reasons.

I got a nice pair of CZ earrings last birthday. DH wanted to get me diamonds but I was afraid I'd lose one, so I got CZs instead. I figure, if I don't lose one in a year or so, I may get diamonds. But then again, no one can tell the difference on my ears! My jeweler friend got me a really good pair.

I don't have screwbacks but I've never lost an earring. I've lost a back once but the front post stayed in.

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