Anyone know of a horseradish substitute?

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What are you making?

I don't see how one can replace horseradish. You either like the distinctive flavor it imparts and use it, or you don't.
Originally Posted by meryn
are you looking for a substitute because you are out of it, or because someone doesn't like the flavor, or because you want something else with that kick?

Real wasabi has a comparable flavor and similar kick to it, but if someone doesn't like it or can't eat it, there's really nothing close.
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Wasabi is similar, but I assumed the reason you wanted to replace it is because you don't like the taste and wasabi is just as if not more divisive than horseradish. Plus getting quality horseradish is easier than getting quality wasabi.
Toothworts, also known as Crinkleroot, are one of my favorite edible plants of later winter and early spring. The leaves, and even more so, the roots have a sharp, peppery taste resembling Horseradish. In fact, you can even make a pretty good Horseradish substitute for Chinese hot mustard. A very hot tea of the leaves or roots can be used as a diaphoretic to heat the body and cool fevers. Toothworts can be found all over the place under Maples, Poplars and other deciduous trees. You will find it growing with the Hepaticas, Trilliums and other hardwoods loving plants. In my area, these plants come up in late Fall and hang around all winter. In early Spring, they will bloom and continue to be available to the forager until late Spring to early summer. On of my favorite trailside spices, Toothworts are a welcome addition to a pot of soup or even as a hot condiment on sandwiches.

...From a Google search

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Join Date: Jun 2001
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Thanks everyone.
I missed your posts...
Was trying to make some red/cocktail sauce for my dad for the seafood. I used some of his fave ingredients & ended up had no sauce left over!

Here's what I put together...found a recipe for the red sauce, but substituted this way...

~worchester - used steak sauce
~horseradish - used hot sauce for wings
~lemon juice

Not bad, if I say so myself

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