View Poll Results: Which dress for portraits?
Blue and White Dress 6 15.79%
Pink Flamingo Dress 6 15.79%
Yellow Turtle Dress 9 23.68%
Green Dress with Flowers on the collar 17 44.74%
Voters: 38. You may not vote on this poll

Which dress for portraits? UPDATED with pictures

Oh my, she is adorable! I also love the feetsies one. And the "standing" one. And all the other ones. Dang, I'm too old to be making babies, I need some grandkids!
She's adorable!

I LOVE the one where she's playing with her toesies - so, so cute!

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How cute! I love the one in the green dress where she's sitting and has her little toes scrunched up!
I sense a trend...we all like baby toesies and feetsies!!
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How cute! I love the one in the green dress where she's sitting and has her little toes scrunched up!
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Such a cheezer! :P
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She is just precious! Her smile makes her look like she is quite the fun handful. I am going to show Xander her pics. He's partial to older women.

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Those are awesome pics!
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Those are awesome pics!
Originally Posted by Scarlet
You voted for the blue dress. We got some good shots of her in that one.
OMG she is preciosa!! Look at those great curls. Too cute for words.
Your daughter is gorgeous!! I love 'em all....

I'm a big baby piggies lover too. They have the sweetest little feet...
Oh she is too cute! Both dresses looked fab on little C, what a doll!
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Medussa, your daughter is beautiful. Those pics are making my clock tick, and I'm not ready for babies!

She's adorable!
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Awww H - how sweet!
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Oh, oh SOOOO cute!! She looks like a little angel!!
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So when I first read the topic I thought this was about a dress for you! Then I saw the poll and thought hmmm, turtles, flamingos, not sure I'd pick any of those for myself being a little black dress sort of person.

Anyhoo, I finally caught on, too late to vote, but I would have voted for the green dress.

The pics are adorable. So smiley and cute.
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I was so wrong about the green dress. It's all about the blue dress. Especially picture #1. A-dorable!

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