View Poll Results: Which is your favorite?
DH 18 30.00%
Hubby 19 31.67%
His name 5 8.33%
No nicknames/abbreviations - just "Husband" 13 21.67%
Other, please elaborate 5 8.33%
Voters: 60. You may not vote on this poll

Abbreviation for husband?

I voted for DH.

You do know, you can always replace the "D" with whatever you chose for your liking.

I don't have a favorite. I would rather see either DH or husband in print but I don't understand why this is an issue.

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I usually use hubby, but sometimes I use dh. Just depends on my mood.
Originally Posted by Dayzie
Me too.
Originally Posted by Rheanna83
Me three! Usually hubby, DH in a hurry!
And yes, the D can mean many things!

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I don't really like DH but use it because it's easy. Lately I've been typing out hubby more.
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Originally Posted by big hair

I find DH and hubby too cutesy, so I just say husband.
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I say DH, Hubby and husband. I really just enjoy typing any of those because it is so new still. I also am enjoying writing my new last name everywhere....I have only forgot a few times...
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I use his name. I don't plan on calling him "Dr." when he graduates this year, either. He's DaNa to me. I don't mind explaining who he is to the occasional new poster.

Since this is the only message board I post to, and I've been here awhile, most people know or quickly figure out who Dia and DaNa are. I'm Lydia, by the way.

Whatever people choose doesn't register for me positively or negatively as long as I know who they're talking about.
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I usually say B, but I think I have written hubby and/or husband a couple of times. I don't like DH.
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I end up writing " my husband" most of the time. I am not so fond of DH or Hubby.

I've used them all. I use DH b/c it's easy, and it's short, and abbreviations are good like that. I'm almost never thinking "dear husband" when I write it, but it's simple, and everyone knows who I'm talking about.

Sometimes I write hubby, and sometimes I write husband. Most of the time I don't care enough to respond since this is so silly, but I'm really bored tonight.
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I've been saying dh b/c that's what I've become used to seeing. I don't like it though. How many times have I ever thought of calling my husband "dear". It's not a word I use.

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I've been saying dh b/c that's what I've become used to seeing. I don't like it though. How many times have I ever thought of calling my husband "dear". It's not a word I use.
Originally Posted by wavezncurlz
Hee! I tend to think damn instead quite often

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