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pickled beets

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I have a vat of pickled beets and eggs in my fridge almost constantly.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
RCW, do you pickle your own or are they store bought?
Originally Posted by CurliLocks

Sorta both...

I cheat...

I buy beets in cans and dump it a glass container with hardboiled eggs (shelled, of course) and some vinegar and some pickling spice. I buy the pickling spice as a mix already made from my local produce co-op, so I don't know what the hell is in it, but it's delicious.
Silly question, can someone describe the taste.... does it taste like an olive or a potatoe? I'm curious and kinda greedy I guess....

( runs out the room in shame)
Originally Posted by parislarue
Beets or pickled beets?
Beets are earthy and super-sweet (a lot of sugar is made from beets instead of sugar cane). They benefit from a good dose of salt and acid to play up and balance their sweetness and cut through the earthiness. Mostly the salt makes the difference, though.
Carrots are an earthy vegetable, for point of reference. Not as much as beets, but you can definitely taste an earthiness in them.
Originally Posted by Saria
Thanks I will have to try some
3C .....thru......10Z
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