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Brown shoes 11 32.35%
Green shoes 20 58.82%
Neither 3 8.82%
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i need your opinion

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And how do you like this handbag?

For some reason, the green shoes are just *way* cuter to me.
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Green shoes & love the handbag!
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I picked brown because it would go with more things.
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Brown, for the same reason as GG. I like the purse.
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Brown, for the same reason as GG. I like the purse.
Originally Posted by YolyC
Same here

The green shoes are totally cute, too. Being a bit of a shoe whore (I shoes) , I would suggest buying both, if you can . But, if that isn't realistic, brown will go with just about everything.....


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Brown shoes. They're so versatile.
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I didn't see an option for 'both' so I chose green. But if you can get both, they are CUTE shoes!! Love that bag too!
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thanks!! i saw the green ones first then i found the brown ones 2 days later. i had already fallen in love with the green ones.

so yes, i'll get both and of course the handbag

I was going to vote for the guy in your sig but that wasn't an option in your poll, so I voted for the green shoes. Both pairs (as well as the sig pic) are adorable, though!
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I think the green will go with more than the brown will: you can wear the green with brown- or black-based outfits, but you can only wear the brown with brown-based outfits.
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I had to LOL when I was scrolling down, it was...

shoe, shoe, shoe, purse, man's face
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