need advice re: food allergies

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Do kids tend to 'grow out' of these as they get older?
Originally Posted by redcelticcurls
Some do. I'm still allergic to nuts as an adult, but my reactions are far less quick and severe as they were when I was a kid. Some kids outgrow them completely.
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I wondered. Interesting.

I'm super paranoid about that at the demo counter. I won't let kids eat a sample unless a parent (or other knowledgeable adult) is present. While some kids with restrictions (allergies, vegan, kosher) will speak up or ask about ingredients, a lot don't.
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I've outgrown my allergy to bananas, but I'm still slightly allergic to peanuts. My son is 4 and he's allergic to soy, beef, peanuts, tree nuts, chicken, lamb, peas, eggs, dairy and the list keeps growing. He also has eosinophilic esophagitis and ulcerative colitis. It's been a roller coaster ride with him, but he's doing well. I pray he grows out of most if not all of his allergies. It's very scary and now that I've finally caved and sent him to preschool, I'm a nervous wreck for 3 1/2 hours out of every day!
Cow's milk and eggs are ones that kids typically outgrow by the time they're 5.

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This thread is a blast from the past! My then 20 month old is almost 5 years old.

Quick allergy update for her: she has outgrown her milk allergy completely as well as lentils/chickpeas/legumes. She is still allergic to eggs but can tolerate it in baked goods. Ditto for soy.

Unfortunately we've added anaphalactic allergy to mustard and sesame and cashew and pistachio. Still allergic to peanuts.

But all in all we manage and she's doing fine.

Question for those with nut allergies: do you eat the ones you are not allergic to? I just got the ok from the doc to try out walnuts and pecans but haven't done it yet.

Four out of five of us kids were allergic to stuff. Ours weren't anaphylactic (sp?), but we all had eczema and ours would flare out of control and that had us at risk of staph infection. The doctor's told my parents to be careful of the allergens (luckily they were pretty similar) for a few years and start to introduce them into our diet in small quantities, then if we didn't have a really bad reaction, introduce it in larger quantities. I'm the only one in the family that really has food flares of eczema, but I'll still eat it because it mostly doesn't matter and it's random what I have reactions to.

One of my siblings was allergic to wheat and we were a poor family in a time when making your food was cheaper than buying it. So my dad made a wheat mill and another mill so my mom could grind rye and make my brother rye bread and the rest of us regular bread.

I have a cousin who is allergic to all nuts. Anaphylactic allergic. Every since I can remember and he's maybe two years younger than me. He was the only one in a family of 6 children and they just made allowances for him back then. The doctor also told his parents what my parents were told, but he never outgrew his allergy and they only tried it a couple times before they gave up. They were really chill about his allergy, though. He would stick out of the kitchen when stuff that were triggers for him were being made and they were put in special containers that he knew not to touch. He's a dorcus sometimes, though, because even now he'll pick up a cookie and someone points out a nut in it and he's like "So? It looks good and it doesn't look like it has that many nuts, I should be fine." Alaphylaxis later, he just shrugs and moves on.

Moving on to a couple years ago...I went camping with this family and we had a fire (typical when camping, right?). They picked up their wood for the trip and it was from an almond tree. Another cousin who is his (the allergic cousin's) sister, who has never had an allergic reaction in her life had an allergic reaction to the almond wood smoke. Her eye swelled up until it shut, her hands broke out in a rash...weird. We had to go somewhere that was selling firewood and buy a whole other lot for her. Luckily someone had benedryl for her.

I guess it depends on the allergy as to whether people grow out of it. My dad was allergic to everything under the sun because of his eczema. To the point I think he could only eat lamb and liver as meat and green veggies and something like apples. He eats everything under the sun now...except lamb and liver.

We all drank goats milk when we were little because so many of the kids were allergic to cows milk, it wasn't worth it to buy regular milk. Back then my parents lived pretty much at the end of the development to the south, so there was a goat farm right across the street we got the milk from them. We all pretty much loathe milk now. Goats milk is...pungent.

I thought food allergies were something people were born with but one of the girls at work had her first allergic reaction to peanuts at 21. Before then she'd been fine with them. Scary that they can develop at any age.
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She may have always been allergic, but the more you expose yourself to an allegen, the greater the reaction over time. It's like the straw that broke the camels back scenario. You have are taking a risk if you continue to eat things that you are just "a little allergic" to.

I developed allergies at 32

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