View Poll Results: How did you feel about your curls as a kid?
I hated them and wished for straight hair. 47 58.02%
I didn't care one way or another. 30 37.04%
I loved my curls. 4 4.94%
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Poll about your Curls?

Hated them. I looked like a red-haired Shirley Temple. Everyone LOVED my curls except me. I used to get teased all the time, when people would yank on my hair or call me, you guessed it, Orphan Annie. Unimaginative weasels.

Harsh shampoos, not enough conditioner, bad haircuts and evil hairbrushing pretty much ruined my hair after a while, though, since my parents didn't know how to take care of it. Plus, my mom used to try to feather my hair, which made me look ridiculous (Farrah Fawcett is my enemy for this reason). Then, once hairbrushes started breaking off in my hair, my dad would make me get it thinned and cut off to my shoulders.

As I got older, my hair got thicker, heavier, and the curl mostly pulled out. Now I find myself wishing for the curls I had when I was little. I was darned cute and never appreciated it.
Up until I was in 5th grade, I didn't even know my hair was naturally curly! My mom always blew my hair out with a dryer and had it in a pony tail that was usually braided. But, once I found out it was curly, I LOVED IT!!!! I didn't really have traumatic experiences with my curly hair at all. I discovered mousse when I was 11 and that was all I needed! Granted, that didn't stop me from experimenting with different hairstyles and repeatedly damaging my hair by relaxing it, but as a kiddo, I loved my curls!!!! I love them even more now, especially when I have the right combo of products (read: Boots, plus a gel! :-)).
I hated them with a passion. I didn't start to accept them (read: was completely uninterested in haircare) until I was about 18 and then I still had no idea what to do with my hair until I came here!

My curl hatred was not helped by these facts:
1) my mum made me have a really short cut until I was 7 or 8.
2) everyone commented on them and I was told repeatedly "people pay a lot of money for hair like your's".
3) it hurt to have it brushed.
4) I moved to England, where I stood out like a sore thumb amongst everyone else's straight hair, just as I was about to go through puberty and become really self conscious about my appearance.
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I was sort of all of the above (which was not an option, so I put I didn't care). I loved it when people asked if I had a perm or curled it or if it was naturally curly. Although they didn't always say anything nice after that, I take it as a compliment. I didn't like when they got horribly tangled and painful brushing ensued, which resulted in frizz. I also didn't like them when I got a very short haircut and it looked like a bad perm. I used to wish I could trade with my sis, who has slightly wavy dark blonde hair (which used to be lighter), but now she wishes she could trade with me

Now I love my curls, thanks to this site and my fellow curly message board members! Thanks, guys!

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I hated my curly hair. I was young during the 1960's and 70's, when straight hair was in style. My mother has fine hair with just a bit of a wave, and she had no clue what to do with my very thick, frizzy, coarse 3b mop. I have terrible memories of her yanking fine-toothed combs through my hair, cursing and breaking combs. Frequent brushing and harsh shampoos made my hair huge and poofy, and I got constant teasing in school. I was called 'mophead,' 'frizzball,' 'poodle,' 'Phyllis Diller,' 'Tiny Tim,' 'puffy' and worse. In high school, I tried everything to straighten and defrizz. Nothing helped. I felt ugly and weird and my greatest wish was to have straight hair.
I absolutely hated my hair! Even into adulthood I hated it. Hated it until about two years ago when I found this site and first went to Ouidad and learned how to deal with it.
Loved my curls-NEVER wanted straight hair-just didn't know how to care for them!
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why do you girls think curly hair is bad when you are young?
why do you girls think curly hair is bad when you are young?
Originally Posted by zmanzzzz
I think for two reasons:

1) Curly hair is harder to care for until you figure out a good routine, which takes time, so most of us go through a phase of our hair looking horrible.

2) Our hair goes berserk on us just at the age when we want desperately to fit in and look like all the other kids.

I loved my curly hair as a young child -- it wasn't super curly, but it was pretty and I got lots of compliments. Then when I was 12 it got much thicker, curlier and frizzier. There weren't any good hair products back then, and everyone was wearing their hair straight. I hated my hair. I would have ironed it with a clothes iron if my mother had let me. She wouldn't let me relax it, either (thanks, mom!). So I fought with it until I was in my late 20s. Big hair came in, everyone was perming and I was in heaven. From that time on I've loved my hair, even when straight hair came back in in the 90s. Now I can manage my hair, and I'm mature enough not to care if my hair doesn't look like a model's.
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is the poll closed? i wanted to vote...
my hat hair is fabulous and amazing!!
There's really not an option for me. I didn't have curls as a child. I only got my curls when puberty came along.
Originally Posted by Peppy
Me too. So I didn't vote.
Find headshop

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My hair wasn't really curly as a kid - It got progressively curlier starting around age 13-14.
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