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I agree with you about the dress. If Beyonce hadn't performed, there would have probably been pregnancy rumors floating around.
Originally Posted by CurlyCurlies
When she performed Single Ladies with her two backup singers, why was she the only one wearing those shiny tights? The other two women's legs were bare.
Originally Posted by medussa
I think they were wearing stockings, too, but theirs were just sheerer than Beyonce's. I don't blame her, though. That costume w/ sheer stockings + those moves (esp. the open legged grinding) = front page of the tabloids .

Beyond that, I wouldn't be surprised if she has some cellulite and/or stretch marks that she doesn't want to show. Either that or she really loves to wear stockings. I've noticed that it's rare to catch her out and about with bare legs.
Originally Posted by CurlyCurlies
i think it's easier to wear those tights than to do makeup to cover up flaws (for ex. she messed up her knee or something when she fell during her concert series last year). i agree the grinding, etc. she needs to look flawless and smooth and we don't need to see any of the "real" her!
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Ditto. Definitely disproportionate to the crime. I mean Kanye is a jerk but people are acting real weird over the incident. And you have an intriguing view that is has to do with "the big bad black" men mistreats the delicate blonde white woman. I really don't like how a few celebs have gone for his childhood, his mother died not long ago.

And I do think he is dealing with some mental issues. Drinking on the red carpet just strikes me as self medicating, like someone else said. He is very talented, I hope he gets better from whatever he is struggling with inside. He said he never took the time to mourn his mom's death.

Oh and George Bush did and does hate Black people. And so does his stupid mom. I applaud Kanye for having the guts to say it.

I watched the VMAs live and my jaw dropped when Kanye grabbed the mike from Taylor. I don't think anyone would disagree that it was an incredibly douchey move. I'm indifferent toward Taylor and her music, but you could tell that she just wanted the stage to swallow her up. By all accounts, she's a very nice, sweet girl, so I really felt for her.

Having said that... I think the Kanye backlash is getting a bit ridiculous. Yes, he's an assh-le (possibly one with deeper mental issues) but he's certainly not the first to exhibit toolish behavior at these award shows, and I'm sure he wont' be the last. I'm probably dating myself, but I remember back in the day when one of the Beastie Boys bum-rushed the stage at the VMAs in some bizarre costume (his alter-ego?) to protest the Best Video Direction award going to the "Everybody Hurts" director instead of Spike Jonze (who had directed "Sabotage," and - like Beyonce - probably deserved the win). Maybe it's because the whole thing felt like a stunt, but there wasn't nearly as much outcry then, even though the Beastie Boys were just as disrespectful. I can't help but feel that there's a racial undertone here. I've heard some people comment that Kanye is racist and that he has a thing against young white women. What's more striking to me is how different the fall-out would have been if it hadn't been an "Angry Black Man" going after a young white woman. Taylor's young and sweet, but a lot of the press has made her out to be this delicate young thing who needs to be protected (I think she's almost 20, which isn't a baby). And I can't imagine anywhere near this level of vitriol being directed at Kanye if he had gone after a young black female artist. I don't know, there's just this weird dynamic about the whole incident (and the fall-out) that doesn't quite sit well with me.

None of this is to excuse what Kanye did. It was an unbelievably rude thing to do. But I'm finding the reaction to be a bit... disproportionate. I personally can't imagine boycotting Kanye over something like this, in part because so many musicians have done much, much worse. I guess I'm not one to let the artist's (often crappy) personality get in the way of me enjoying their work, unless it's something that I find absolutely abhorrent. Maybe the issue here is that Kanye has a history of douchey behavior at awards shows and this was just the straw that broke the camel's back? Who knows.

Anyway... I thought this was the first enjoyable VMA in years. Even setting aside the Kanye drama, there were lots of memorable moments: the MJ tribute, Madge's speech, Lil Mama randomly appearing on stage with Jay-Z and Alicia, Lady GaGa's bloody performance (I was never a fan of hers, but she impressed me... who knew she could actually sing).
Originally Posted by susu

My Fotki
Kanye: *******
Lady GaGa: freaks me the hell out.
Beyonce: can move, wow. And in heels. Getting a Tina Turner vibe. Don't usually like her music, but that video was pretty awesome. Enjoyed her performance too.
Michael Jackson's tribute: ok. Not that great. Really think his videos were the best of all time.

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Jay-Z and Alicia Keyes: awesome performance.

Lil Mama: um, what?

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer."

4a, mbl, low porosity, normal thickness, fine hair.

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Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Lady Gaga?

Attention whore much?

Originally Posted by rileyb

This picture made my whole week. I've never heard her music, but clearly she's batsh*t crazy and I might have to love her for it. That outfit totally beats Bjork's swan dress.

Pink's performance was great, weird outfit notwithstanding. Live singing while being tossed around god knows how many feet above the ground? She wins.
Lady Gaga should tour with the Googoo Dolls. the fun they could have with the promotions.
i like lady gaga, i like her art performance. i like her clothes, it's avant garde (did i spell that right?)
i never liked her before UNTIL i saw her on the vma's.
i like the red veil mask, the bird's nest, the blood, it's cool.
(although i think she kind of snatched madonna's mtv like a virgin and vogue performances-therefore lady gaga was not that original.)

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