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I am looking for some calming/relaxing music CDs. I do not have an IPOD or an MP3 player (yes, I still live in the stone age lol) , so I'm really looking for CDs. I'd prefer instrumentals so I can use them for background music while studying, but I can also use non-instrumentals for other things.

Some music I like: Jazz, Sinatra style, flute music, Kenny G... Any suggestions? I'd really appreciate it (just wanted to use that smiley )

I guess I can do song suggestions and make a CD... so song suggestions are okay too =)
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Quantic makes really soothing instrumental music. soothing to me at least.

Quantic - Time is the Enemy
Quantic - Transatlantic
Quantic - Absence Heard, Presence Felt
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- Chris Botti (jazz trumpet)
- Hearts of Space (slow music for fast times )
- Miles Davis (stay away from the fusion if you're trying to relax) - Kind of Blue might be good
- Jessica Williams (piano)

I also find some world music relaxing since I don't speak the language. I like:

- Carla Bruni (French)
- Paris Combo (French - jazzy and energetic)
- Ceu (Portugese)
- Souad Massi (Arabic, French)
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How about the nature CD's with classical music by Lifescapes (they sell them in the card section at Target)

Ocean with Classical Music
Rain with Classical Music

its great for sleeping... so maybe that's not exactly what you want

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Thank you for your responses =)

I will look into all of those and choose which ones I like. I'm hoping to buy some over the weekend.

Sleeping music is always good! Especially when I'm upset and I need to calm down
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Chris Botti is good. Also, Norah Jones' CD "Come Away With Me" is very relaxing. She has such a soft, soothing voice. One of our cats loves to sleep to Norah.
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Anything by Chris Spheeris! All instrumental, soothing but not boring you to sleep. It's classified as New Age but I find it to be more Greek/Mediterranean/Flamenco. I think I have them all, but my fave is Eros. Speaks to my Med. roots.

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2 CD's that I really like for relaxing are:

Reiki Healing Waves (a subtle chime sounds periodically during play -- it's not irritating or frequent -- someone told me it's supposed to signal for reiki positions to change) This is the most soothing music I own at this point.

Two Worlds One

I downloaded these to my iPod. For the actual CDs, Amazon is not the cheapest place to buy them, just posted the link so you could read/hear a bit of the info.
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Stephanie: I really like the sound of the Quantic music.

LoloDSM: Chris Botti and Miles Davis are definitely on my list. I completely forget about French music! I liked Paris Combo and I'm also going to look for Les Nubians. I heard a song by Les Nubians and I loooved it!

CurliLocks: I'm on the fence about Chris Spheeris... I guess he can be my back up lol. I don't know what it is, but maybe I will change my mind.

Curls2grow: Reiki Healing sounds really good.

Deedles: Waves will probably be my last result. I'm thinking I can use them for meditation purposes... I guess that the same reason I kind of want Chris Spheeris.

Thank you guys so much! Now, I just hope I can find these between Walmart, Best Buy and Target!
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"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps." - Confucius

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