Starting yoga classes- how difficult? *Update- been to 1st class*

So I had my first yoga class 2nite!!! I really enjoyed it- didnt feel self conscious which is odd for me lol!

I feel all stretched out now and like I might be bit achy in the morning! I kinda feel like I was just going through the motions- rather than really understanding the breathing exercises and getting the right poses but Im hoping that will change once been few more times

Mandatoryfun- how was your class?
Originally Posted by kat180
I liked it a lot, thanks! Little did I know that the class I signed up for was intermediate, not I had to modify a few poses, haha. It was great, though. I swear I felt like I could fall asleep during final relaxation, but once I got up and went outside, I had so much energy, man!

I agree with you about the was hard for me to concentrate on that when I was just trying to follow what she was doing. I think once the poses become rote it will be easier to focus on breathing...
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All this yoga talk is making me want to dust off my DVD and start doing some stretches in the mornings. (I'm too cheap to pay for a class at this point.)

The breathing aspect of yoga has always intrigued me. Is it really necessary for it to be a "noisy" breath to get the effect? I'm a musician, and breathing efficiently and without causing tension is a big part of training, so I'm wondering if it's possible to breathe "correctly" for yoga without forcing it to be audible. (I cut my own hair)
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It shouldn't be loud or forced; that's why I say a soft sound. I tell my students that THEY should be able to hear it, but not the person next to them. If you prefer not to make a sound at all, that's fine too.
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