Even RCW should find this cute

Watch the whole thing to see how amazing the dad's catch is, and to fully appreciate how it ends:


What an awedome daddy! I like his wife's expression too.
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Dude looks like Brad Paisley..haha
You can tell he's like, oh, sh[i]t!
Oh my gosh, that is CUTE! And the dad's reaction is pretty cute, too.
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And they made it on the jumbotron! Soooo cute!

Rock on with your bad self.


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I was thinking the father was actually trying to strangle her when he was hugging her. JUST KIDDING!!!
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I loved his reaction....sooo sweet. If one of my daughters did that, I'm not so sure my husband would've reacted the same way.
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The bigger ? is... who's foul was it? If it was a Nats player hell I would've thrown it back too cause the NATS SUCK! :P :P


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