Do we have a "what's for dinner" thread this week?

Tonight we had homemade lentil soup, piping-hot homemade honey whole wheat bread (from my breadmaker LOL), and roasted brussel sprouts. I was worried my husband would complain about the lack of a "main course" (to him, soup is just an appetizer) but even he ate so much his belly hurt.
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Okay, that sounds really good!! I am struggling with dinner these days.
I think we do now!

Cheeseburger soup (new recipe for me, was skeptical about it, but man it was pretty dern good) and crusty bread. Yum!

It was cold and rainy so a perfect soup night.

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I made CSA soup (that's soup from all the veggies I got from DSA and did not know what to do with), boiled chicken (used to make stock for same soup) and cornbread.
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Baked squash and a greek salad!
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Sounds like it was soup night for a lot of us!
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Arby's Roastaburger........mmmmmmmmmm
I made anchovy butter as a dip for radishes and an artichoke olive tapenade with my brand new food processor. I wish I had some homemade bread!
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Made a salad with arugula, tomatoes, boiled eggs, bacon, and ranch dressing.
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We went out to dinner. I had 1/2 a Cuban steak sandwich and some Cuban Nachos. Leftovers are tomorrows lunch.
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garlic spinach
buttered pappardelle w/ parmesan
wild halibut pan seared w/ lemon pancetta cream sauce

the noodles didn't match the dish well, but it was edible.
Solidgold... I have just discovered some of the many wonders of the food processor. Amazing isn't it?

I have been making lentil soup for the past week because my mom loves it. Right now I am actually preparing for Friday night's dinner. My mom is way too busy to do it. This is my first time doing anything like this. I have to cook for 15 people! It's the first night of Rosh HaShanah.

I'm making salmon with this really amazing sauce as the main dish. For appetizers I'm making vegetarian "chopped liver" and possibly gefilte fish. As side dishes I have a lentil soup, an apple-cranberry crisp, and potato kugel. I am also making some salads: pasta salad, a potato salad, and a regular salad. Then for dessert I am going to make two pies: key lime pie and lemon meringue pie. It's a lot of food but I know that I'll be eating whatever is left all weekend.
spaghetti with three cheese sauce (& extra mozzarella) with oven backed chicken breast.
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sauteed okra/corn/tomatoes over rice and fried chicken wing. Quickest thing to whip up before i ran out the door for class.
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I made beef stew with dumplings last night. I love my le creuset knock off dutch oven!!! It's like a magic pot.
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Grilling a pork loin roast tonight. Will serve it with roasted veggies, (asparagus/broccoli/red peppers/mushrooms) brown rice and applesauce.
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Can't wait till I get my crockpot recipe book!
Last night was grilled tilapia with rice pilaf and broiled asparagus with lemon-garlic aioli drizzled over. Tonight will be pot roast made in my bargain-priced Martha Stewart dutch oven (those things really are magic pots!). Tomorrow night will be lentil soup thanks to you, PixieCurl!
Last night I had Skyline chili.

Tonight I'm making mushroom ravioli with homemade garlic bread.
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Baked ziti with whole wheat pasta, veggies, and homemade pasta sauce.

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