Is this woman being totally unreasonable, or am I biased in favor of my sister?
Probably a bit of both. But your sister has to be the one to say so, timid or not. Or maybe her husband can speak for her.


Turns out K's 4 kids are home schooled, so my sister has to do that in addition to her other chores.
Wait...After reading other replies, I'm unclear...You mean YOUR SIS has to home school the kids? OK, that's ridiculous. Doesn't that require some type of preparation on her part? Reading the lessons beforehand, checking "homework," etc? Wow...not me. She's got to say something.
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Im 6 months pregnant and homeschooling my own kids and I can attest to the fact that it is hard work! The house automatically goes by the wayside because the kids and getting my rest take presidence. She is TOTALLY being taken advantage of. No way I would do this kind of work for $8.00 an hour when she isn't even appreciated! God bless your sister...