I Feel Old

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What is it?

Sounds like a Rum drink. Is it a Rum drink?
Nah - you don't sound old to me. Just going through a few bumps in the road. Probably just need some more fun in your life.
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Nope, no rum baby!
That would be a Rum Ting
you know it's my vodka...and Ting
lol, those aren't really old people problems.
you injured your back, not that it just started hurting out of the blue.
old people pain is, i can't bend down or get up out of bed like i used to.
i can't walk up the steps without feeling very tired or my feet hurting.
my knees ache whenever it rains.
the bones in my hands hurt all the time.
everyday i have to take pain killers just to function.
you're just going through a bad patch.
you're not old.
60 is the new 40 and 40 is the new 30!
Originally Posted by frau
I like it!
Plus, the fact that you hurt your back and your tooth means that you are living life. Can't always walk through life unscathed...if you do then you're not living it to it's fullest hope you feel better
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If you had posted that you lost an inch in height, forgot something incredibly important, were sprouting coarse hair on your face, had no sex drive, and could not lose 15 pounds even while fasting -- I'd say, yup, old age. But back injuries, sinus and teeth problems have nothing to do with old age, and all can be reversed. I hope you feel better {{hugs}}
Originally Posted by Suburbanbushbabe
Truer words have never been spoken. That is the one thing I totally notice about being over 45. To the OP-you will bounce back!!
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Posts: 15,529
I felt better reading everyone's kind words, until I got my period later in the day.....probably contributed to my feeling ill.

Still, enough is enough! Body, is this revenge for denying you junk food?

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