Just when I think I am SICK of Beyonce...

She does what she did for Taylor Swift and then this....I even shed a tear...

I agree. What a wonderful moment for that little girl! Go Beyonce!
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That was a sweet moment. What would impress me even more if news came out that she donated money to an org. like st. judes or something. Of course, she may very well do this & we just don't hear about it.
I know that she has been heavily involved in her foundation for those effected by hurricanes, called the Survivor Foundation and then I saw this...

Also there was the food drive she participated in recently with Hamburger Helper.
No, no dry eyes here.

It was so touching when the little girl is kind of singing or mouthing the lyrics, too -- she knows the song.

So glad she did this for Chelsea. And so nice to see a celebrity doing something positive for someone else --
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Whoa. Hard to watch.

That was very kind of her.

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meg i thought you really liked beyonce...

if it wasn't her original idea to do that then whoever suggested it to her was brilliant.
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I did like her. Then I started getting sick of her. Everywhere I turned...there she was. That gets old...FAST.
I have grown totally sick of Beyonce'.

Okay, so I kinda really like the song Single Ladies - but that's IT....

I saw this earlier and I cried twice looking at it.

I was like you, Meghuney. Beyonce made me sick because radio and music tv stations were acting like she was the only singer alive. When I hear her on the radio or tv now, I turn it, except when I'm in the mood to hear her music. This makes me not grow so sick of her. But I'm starting to like her a lot more now.
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Wow. That was sooooo touching. *sniffle*
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