Does anyone else find......

....riding a bike is just so much more painful the older you are?

Or is it just me?

I lived on my bike when I was little- loved it- took to it immediately.

I can barely last 10 mins now without needing to stand up! Seriously! Maybe its the cra**y seat but my god its just uncomfortable!!!
not just riding a bike anything physically exhausting is painful.
Yes, bike riding as an adult is a pain in the ass...literally. I don't know why kids don't get that butt pain, at least I don't remember it as a kid, even after going back to riding in the spring after several months of no-riding in winter. Now, it's like I have to ride every day to build up a resistance or I get a sore ass every.single.time.
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I still have my old 10-speed.
Put a new seat on that sucker & you'll be set
I've noticed this and I get pain in the butt/crotch area. Maybe it's because as adults we have more weight? I used to be a lot more daring too as a kid, going down hills, jumping over things, I'm kind of a wuss.
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Hurts: rear, legs, lungs.

I dont really wanna know what the vaseline's for......

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