I think I have lice

RCW and Suzen has me seriously considering growing out my hair for the wedding but its been more than 15 years...
Originally Posted by OBB

I don't care if you grow it. Just take the damn doo-rag thing off your head for the wedding.
Have you tried mayonnaise? Apply it all over your hair and scalp, leave in overnight, comb out and shampoo in the morning w/ a harsh sulfate shampoo.
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A friend of mine has three stepdaughters who bring lice with every time they visit. She told me what her & husband do to deal with it.

1) Shampoo with dog/flea shampoo. Link
2) Coat the hair with Mayonnaise to suffocate the bugs. You have to leave it on for several hours.
3) Comb out all the bugs & eggs. One of those really fine toothed plastic flea combs would probably work.

I know you are dog lover, so maybe you have some of this stuff lying around the house.
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